Thousands of Pennsylvania voters sent wrong mail-in ballots

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Tens of thousands of voters in the critical battleground state of Pennsylvania will receive reissued mail-in ballots after being sent the wrong ones, officials said.

About 28,879 voters in Allegheny County, home to Pittsburgh, were impacted due to an error made by Midwest Direct, the company tasked with printing, collating and mailing the ballots.

A mapping error is said to have resulted in voters’ information being matched to the ballot for the next person in the batch, county officials said.


The county has introduced a tool to help voters check whether they were impacted by the defective batch.

Corrected mailings will be sent starting Thursday, with expectations that they will be delivered to voters next week.

The error comes amid mounting squabbles over the mail-in voting process.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar on Wednesday addressed another issue among mail-in ballots: Some voters wrote their birthdays next to their signatures instead of the date the ballot was signed.

Boockvar confirmed that this would not nullify the ballots.

Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is set to take up an issue regarding signature discrepancies on mail-in ballots – and whether differences could be cause for rejection at the county level.

Democrats and Republicans in the state are battling over whether to extend the mail-in ballot counting window past Election Day.

And there was controversy over a previous state Supreme Court ruling that said that if voters do not place their ballot in a “secrecy” envelope their votes would not count.

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