Social Media Buzz: Biden’s Animal Crossing HQ; New Zealand Votes

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The official Joe Biden HQ debuts on “Animal Crossing,” as the Democratic candidate’s campaign seeks to reach out to voters on the popular Nintendo video game. Users can the Biden island, which has poll booths, ice cream and “no malarkey,” the Verge reported.


Joe Biden’s Animal Crossing island is actually really impressive AM · Oct 17, 2020


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President Donald Trump blasted Senator Ben Sasse on Twitter Saturday morning, after the New York Times reported the Kentucky lawmaker is among Republicans who are edging away from Trump.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern swept to an historic victory in general election, after her successful handling of the coronavirus pandemic.


BREAKING: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern swept to a commanding victory in New Zealand’s general election
@business: #NZElection2020

11:28 AM · Oct 17, 2020


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Coca-Cola Co. confirmed Friday that it will selling Tab, its iconic diet soda brand introduced in 1963.

Manhattan Bryant Park’s Bank of America Winter Village will return this year. Ice skating will require advanced reservations.

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