This Is the Hottest Place on Earth. It Is 115 Degrees.

How hot is too hot for a human live? One study has an upper temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. However, that is only possible if humidity is close to zero. Since humans have never been subjected to heat that high for any period, it is only a theory.

Over the course of the year, temperatures rise as high as 115 degrees in some highly populated cities, particularly in India. These conditions begin to trigger deaths, but not in large numbers. Access to drinking water has been critical in these situations. So has the ability to stay out of the sun.

The hottest places on earth are almost always in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Middle East or northern Africa. The United States occasionally makes the list. The temperature in several places, like Death Valley, has risen above 115 degrees.

It is 115 degrees in Nuwaiseeb, Kuwait, on Monday, April 26. The city sits on the Persian Gulf, just south of Kuwait City and north of the border with . This is not the highest the temperature has been in the area. It briefly topped 125 degrees in 2000.

Despite the heat, the area around Nuwaiseeb has several resorts. The temperature does drop into the 80s part of the year, and it almost never rains.

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