Ikea is giving away the tiny home on wheels it built to promote tiny living using Ikea furniture — see inside

  • Ikea is doing a giveaway of its tiny home on that was intitially unveiled in fall 2020.
  • The tiny home sits inside of Escape Homes’ Vista Boho XL model, which has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • The interior is primarily equipped with Ikea furniture.
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Source: Curbed

The tiny home on wheels was initially built by Escape, which specializes in creating these moving mini homes. Escape's homes on wheels can be attached to a vehicle, like a pickup truck, to be towed around to any destination.

"[Tiny living] is a very hot trend that has become hotter as people move away from cities, crowded apartments, and condos due to COVID-19 and into safe spaces of their own," Escape's founder Dan Dobrowolski told Insider in the email interview in 2020.

let's take a look around the interior. Despite the home's wheels, the unit has all the functions of a non-moving house, including a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room.

Ikea has played a quiet role in the tiny home movement, in part by offering small living friendly furniture. Now, it's using these pieces to furnish its own tiny home.

This includes the kitchen, which has Ikea's Kungsbacka series made of recycled wood and bottles, and the living room, which has the foldable and storage-equipped Norden dining and work table.

Like the Norden table, many furniture pieces throughout the tiny home are multipurpose, such as the bed, which has under-bed storage.

The tiny home can sleep up to two people, but the original non-Ikea iteration from Escape can fit more with a couch-bed.

The small space also has plenty of storage units, including the aforementioned under-bed storage, hanging storage racks, kitchen cabinet, and shelves near the ceiling.

Source: Ikea

The interior walls are painted white to make the space feel larger, according to Ikea and Vox's video explainer about the Tiny Home Project. The white walls then complement the neutral tones of the furniture.

Source: Curbed

Many aspects of the interior are also eco friendly to stay true to Ikea's sustainability-focused goals for the tiny home. This includes the use of LED lights, roof-mounted solar panels, and faucets that save water.

Source: Ikea, Curbed

If you're interested in winning your own Ikea tiny home, head to the furnishing giant's Instagram. Ikea has been posting different puzzles and clues on its Instagram account— and will continue to do so until May 12 — to create a social media-based scavenger hunt.

These hints all point to a secret six-letter "password" that participants will then need to identify. In order to enter the contest, the participants will have to submit the password, an essay about the importance of sustainability, and an Ikea family number by May 14.

For further explanation of the rules, or to enter the contest yourself, head to Ikea's website.

Source: Ikea

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