Lt. Gov. Patrick blasts Texas Democrat 'liars club,' says they'll be arrested upon return

Dan Patrick: Texas Dems can’t hold out forever

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick says the election bill will pass despite the Democrats’ walkout.

The Texas Democrats who fled the state now face possible arrest upon their return, and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick assured Fox News’ Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum on “America’s Newsroom” that the voting bill will be passed despite their actions. Patrick noted that there is more at stake in this special session and encouraged American’s to read the legislation for themselves.


DAN PATRICK: It will be resolved. They can’t hold out forever. They have families back home. They have jobs back home. And pretty soon their wives or husbands will start saying, ‘hey, it’s time to get back home.’ And when they get home, if we’re in a special session, they’ll be arrested and brought to the capital and we will pass these bills. 

You just heard in the report, the Senate – and I’m the president of the Senate and I’m one of the people that helped write this election bill. I know it backwards and forwards. We just keep doing our work. And while they’ve been gone, for example, we passed a bill to give retired teachers a 13th check. That will die because they’re not here. To put more money in Child Protective Services. That will die because they were not here. We passed a quarter of a trillion-dollar property tax cut yesterday. That will die because they’re not here. So there’s a lot more going on than just this bill. 

But they said there’s power in certain things and they’re being called courageous. I call them the liars club. They’re the liars club because everything they’re telling you from the vice president down to the lowest level House member who’s on this trip, maybe a freshman, whomever it may be, they’re just lying to the American public. And the power is in the truth. So I encourage all Americans to do one simple thing. Just go to Texas legislature online, read the bill for yourself.


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