Tomi Lahren: Maybe it's time we 'defund the Democrats'

Tomi Lahren: Democrats feel their personal safety and security is ‘more important’ than yours

Tomi Lahren slams Democrats for siding with the ‘defund the police’ movement amid an increase in crime.

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren argued Tuesday that it is “time to defund the Democrats” after ‘Squad’ member Rep. Cori Bush’s, D-Mo., campaign filings revealed she spent $70,000 on security while pushing to defund the police.

“Lawlessness at the border, excused by Democrats. Lawlessness in the streets, ignored by Democrats. Groups calling to defund border and law enforcement, endorsed by Democrats. See a pattern here? Maybe it’s time we defund Democrats!” Lahren said on “Final Thoughts.”

“Some cities are worse than others and those are mainly cities run by Democrats. You’re shocked, I know,” Lahren said. 

Lahren noted that “the culture of lawlessness is sweeping great American cities with violent crime rates skyrocketing nationwide.” 

She argued that it is the result of decriminalizing illegal acts, downgrading felonies, demoralizing and demonizing officers, and defunding police departments. Highlighting that police budget cuts occurred in Democrat-run cities such as Chicago, Baltimore, and San Francisco, Lahren explained how Baltimore slashed law enforcement services when it needed it the most.

“Let’s take Baltimore for example. That high crime and already dangerous city cut $22 million from its police budget in 2020 but doled out $3.6 million taxpayer dollars for 14 dedicated officers to protect Baltimore’s mayor, state’s attorney, and police commissioner,” Lahren said.

“Lastly, let’s talk about squad member, anti-police radicals, and Missouri Representative has publicly called for defunded police nationwide. Well, campaign filing show she spent $70,000 her own personal private security … And what does this tell us? Simple, these anti-cop and anti-law and order Democrats feel their personal safety and security is more important than yours, even though you are footing the bill for theirs.”

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