Janice Dean: Cuomo sex crime charge is hopefully the beginning of holding disgraced 'Luv Guv' accountable

Janice Dean calls for investigations to continue as Gov. Cuomo leaves office

Fox News’ Janice Dean and New York Assemblyman Ron Kim, who both lost family members to COVID-19 in New York nursing homes, call for continued investigations and impeachment efforts against Governor Cuomo on his final day in office.

It hit me when I saw the official document from the Albany County Sheriff’s Office this afternoon: “The People of The State of New York Vs. Andrew M. Cuomo.”

The same former governor who this time last year was polishing his Emmy award and celebrating his New York Times best-selling book was charged Thursday with groping a former aide at the Executive Mansion. The self-proclaimed “Luv Guv” who appeared regularly on his brother Chris’s primetime show on CNN to talk about who’s their mother’s favorite son could now have to register as a sex offender if he’s convicted.  

The misdemeanor criminal complaint was filed in Albany City Court and alleges that Cuomo “did intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim … and onto her intimate body part.” 

“Specifically, the victims [sic] left breast for the purposes of degrading and satisfying his sexual desire,” it reads.

The charges could carry a maximum sentence of one year in jail. A source told the New York Post Cuomo’s arrest would likely take place next week.

“If he were deemed to pose a moderate or high risk to the community, his photograph, name, address and other information would be posted online,” the source said.

Although there is definitely some satisfaction in knowing this man could actually be arrested for a crime after being talked about as a possible presidential candidate last year, it is still not enough for those of us who have been asking for answers and accountability for arguably an even bigger crime: Helping to kill thousands of seniors in nursing homes in the spring 2020. 

There are still several investigations into Cuomo’s March 25, 2020 order to bring over 9,000 infected patients into nursing homes and the subsequent cover-up of the total number that died. There are also ethical questions surrounding his $5.1 million book deal, his alleged using state resources to write it, and the VIP COVID tests Cuomo’s health department gave to his family and friends while nursing homes were not allowed to test incoming sick patients.

We’re also still waiting on the New York Assembly to release its impeachment report which Carl Heastie, speaker of the New York State Assembly, has been sitting on for months.  It’s time for Mr. Heastie to do the right thing and let us see all of the evidence our taxpayer dollars were spent on.

Many of us are hoping this is just the beginning of Andrew Cuomo’s new life out of office, and we will see many documents that start with “the People Vs. Andrew M Cuomo” – because our families deserve answers and accountability. And I’ll never give up on behalf of their precious lives.

The charges Thursday allege that the disgraced governor’s filthy hands were all over a young woman’s body without her permission. And for those of us that lost loved ones in nursing homes, he has blood on those hands as well.

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