Manija Asas, Successful entrepreneur

Manija Asas, readily admits that her father’s professional choice had a great influence on her life path. It was at the age of 10 that Manija’s mind started to change. At a time when the usual preoccupations of children of her age were limited to friends and marbles, for Manija Asas, it was already quite different. She did not know yet in which sector or even how but one thing was certain that she would be an entrepreneur too!

Entrepreneurship at heart

It won’t be long before Manija Asas took the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship for the first time at the age of 16! She sniffed out the potential of the social network Instagram which was once much less popular. Brands were not yet jostling for position and that was good; this was how she would succeed in making a place for herself among the big boys. Adoring travel and already very clever, she decided to launch a business combining her passions. Like many entrepreneurs, she learnt the job to the point of developing new skills. As her expertise became more and more sought after and the Instagram network became more and more influential, very quickly, she was convinced that a new opportunity was possible. At the age of 18, Manija Asas, as soon as she finished her bachelor’s degree, launched a new business dedicated to partnerships on Instagram.

Believing in her lucky star

Believing in her lucky star Manija Asas has never deviated from it. A few years later, fate intervened and it was at a café terrace that she met her future partner. While she was waiting for her appointment, a conversation started between the two table neighbors. She did not know it yet but it was with him that she would launch her new business abroad a few years later. For Manija Asas, it is the consecration and the achievement that every entrepreneur dreams of. A business model validated by the market, a dazzling success since the two associates will generate several millions of turnover in less than 1 year!

The desire to pass on the business

Today, Manija Asas has achieved much more than she could have imagined a few years ago in her childhood bedroom. By her success, she is today a source of inspiration for all those who wish to follow in her footsteps. Conscious of her expertise and know-how, she wishes to transmit and share her experience and advice. Today, she chooses to combine entrepreneurship, conferences and investments. Her new vocation: to pass on, in turn, what her father instilled in her from her earliest childhood: the passion to achieve!

Manija Asas