Roblox fans all have same complaint with online game still down over Chipotle's free burrito offer

ROBLOX has been down for hours now and Chipotle has been fingered as the culprit – albeit indirectly.

The restaurant announced that it would be giving away free burritos in real life to the players who visited its in-game store.

The 'Boorito Maze' opened yesterday, with Chipotle promising free burritos to the first 30k people to visit the virtual cashier.

The promo is running between now and October 31, and rewards players who stop by at a designated time each day.

But directing all US-based players to get to the digital store in the same window of time might have just broken Roblox. People really like free food.

"There is no way 30,000 people have visited the cashier in four minutes you need to fix this they’re only giving five dollar codes," said one Twitter user.

Another shared an error code they received telling them they couldn't join Chipotle's experience.

Things just started escalating from there it seems, with no codes available, and no one able to log on.

"You broke Roblox" lamented another Twitter user, tagging the chain.

The replies to Chipotle's promo tweet are filled with people accusing the account of bringing the game down.

Chipotle hasn't seemed to acknowledge its part in the Roblox saga at all.

Not that it can assist, but a good social media manager knows when there's a meme to be made.

The official Roblox Twitter account hasn't put out an update but an unofficial Roblox Status account is keeping tabs on the situation.

The Boorito event is an annual promo Chipotle runs, rewarding customers who show in up a costume to brick and mortar stores.

The decision to take it digital this year seems to have backfired somewhat.

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