Mum shares how she scrimped and ‘saved’ for 4 years to create her dream kitchen

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Natalie, 30, from Poulton Le Fylde, shared her beautiful transformation on her Instagram account @thepinkterrace. She told UK radiators that the North West victorian terrace is a “never ending renovation”. Natalie, who is also a mum, said she loved “maximalist decor” and the colour “pink”.

She said: “If I see something I love, I’ll find a way to make it work in my home regardless of whether it actually matches!”

The homeowner didn’t tackle the kitchen renovation straight away but decided to save up for four years so she could get it done exactly how she wanted.

To save money, Natalie implemented some clever money-saving tactics which included setting budgets for Christmas and birthdays.

She said: “In order to save, we cut down on our spending massively, we were having to fork out a lot of money for childcare, but this was a priority, so we had to get clever with saving in other areas of our lives.

“We didn’t really go on any holidays, we were more frugal with our weekly shops – going to more budget supermarkets or shopping local – and we also set budgets on Christmas and birthday presents. All of that really helped us save!”

Natalie was lucky enough to enlist help from her dad, who is a joiner, and her husband who is an electrician.

The extra help meant they could further cut down on costs once the work began.

Natalie’s dad fitted the kitchen for them and her husband rewired the kitchen himself.

She added: “I got stuck in ripping the kitchen out which was quite fun and I also did most of the painting myself.”

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To save cash and add more colour to the room, the couple made a foliage wall themselves.

Natalie said she had seen “expensive ones online for about £280”.

However, they managed to find some faux foliage from IKEA and create a similar look for around £90.

Natalie also shopped around and used voucher codes to save money on other aspects.

She said: “I’m always on the lookout for bargains and will wait to buy something until there is a promotion or voucher code!

“We saved about 40 percent on the radiator – which was about £250 – by ordering direct from the supplier rather than through the plumbers and then we saved a further £400 by using leftover wood to build the side table ourselves.”

In total, Natalie spent around £9,000 on the kitchen renovation.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing, they also ran into some unexpected problems along the way.

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“We did have lots of unexpected issues along the way with things such as leaks and damp,” she said.

Natalie’s top tips for renovating on a budget include spending some time living in your home before decorating.

She said: “We’ve ended up decorating rooms twice because we had rushed it the first time around!”

Natalie went on to add: “If you can do any of the work yourself then definitely give it a go!

“If it’s unskilled work like ripping out stuff or stripping wallpaper, it can really save on labour costs!”

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