Halloween decorations which are worth £500 this spooky season

Heidi Klum shows off her lifelike Halloween 2021 makeup

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Many don’t actually know the value behind some of their favourite Halloween toys and decorations, but selling some of these unique or vintage items could be an easy way to boost bank balances. Vintage Cash Cow experts shared seven Halloween items that people should be checking their attics for, including a magic trick worth up to £500.

Saw-in-half magic trick souvenir

Legendary 1920’s magician P.T Selbit was the first person to perform the now infamous ‘sawing a person in half’ magic trick. 

Mr Selbit sought to commemorate his very first performance of this trick in his show at Finsbury Park, and gave away some souvenir saws to the brave volunteers that took part in the trick. 

Now, 100 years after the trick was first performed, these souvenirs are incredibly rare and unique, modelled in 9ct gold as well.

Vintage Cash Cow has estimated these saws to be worth £500 at auction.

The Wigglin’ hand

Another Halloween novelty that was strange for its time, the 1983 ‘wigglin’ hand’ is a battery operated, life-like hand made by Vics Novelty.

Arguably one of the best Halloween party decorations on this list, the wigglin’ hand can be worth up to £25 depending on its condition.

Uranium glass 

Before realising how dangerous elements like uranium are, they were commonplace in many everyday items due to their spectacular colours.

Uranium glassware was especially popular during the 1930s thanks to glass maker Josef Reider who took advantage of the vibrant yellows, greens and oranges produced by the toxic chemical.

These glass items glow under UV light and have very little quantities of Uranium. They have become somewhat of a collectors item, worth up to £100.

Wind up doll

This children’s toy has a creepy animatronic nature, appearing to rise from the dead as it rolls along in the complimentary basket.

Surprisingly, when it first came onto the market around the 1950s it was incredibly popular and is now worth £10 or more. 

Pelham skeleton puppet

A rare edition of the classic Pelham puppet from the 1950s, the entire range of Pelham puppet vintage toys are now incredibly sought after collectables, with this skeletal puppet being one of the most valuable.

The puppet is worth around £100, the perfect skeleton to find in the closet. 

The X Files collection

One of the most popular and well-known supernatural series of the 1990s, The X Files spanned 218 episodes following the mystery solving duo Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

With its constant plot twists, unique creatures and imaginative mysteries, the series was an instant fan favourite and was captured in a trading card game in its later years. 

Complete collections of these cards are now worth up to £80. 

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