Jonathan Turley says FBI's involvement in alleged theft of Ashley Biden's diary raises 'legitimate concern'

Turley: ‘Serious questions’ must be answered surrounding FBI raid of Project Veritas founder

Constitutional law expert questions FBI’s involvement on ‘America Reports’

George Washington University law professor and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley said Monday that the FBI’s investigation into the alleged theft of a diary belonging to President Biden’s daughter’s raises “legitimate concern” over the first family’s connection to the bureau.

The FBI on Sunday raided the home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe as part of a federal investigation into the “stolen” diary of President Biden‘s daughter, Ashley Biden. The New York Times reported the raid took place early Saturday morning just days after the homes of two Project Veritas associates were also the subject of search warrants. 

“Why would the FBI be coming in on this?” Turley asked on “America Reports.” “Project Veritas said it didn’t run the information and notified local enforcement. So there is a legitimate concern when the FBI becomes involved in this type of story, as to whether it is going outside of those navigational beacons that we use to judge whether they are acting independently.”

O’Keefe addressed the incident on Monday, explaining that “tipsters” approached his group late last year alleging to have Ashley Biden’s diary containing “explosive allegations” about her father, then the Democratic nominee, and that the diary was allegedly abandoned in a room where she stayed. The “tipsters” claimed in they stayed in the same room afterwards, where they found the diary. 

The “tipsters,” who O’Keefe said he had never met prior, were apparently negotiating with media outlets to sell Biden’s diary and that ultimately, Project Veritas did not publish the book’s contents because his group was not able to independently verify its authenticity. 

Turley said the FBI’s “curious” involvement reminds him of a recent report revealing that the Secret Service intervened during Biden’s time as vice president after his son Hunter’s handgun was thrown into a trash can behind a grocery store by his sister in law Hallie Biden.

“A lot of people asked at that time, why would the FBI be involved in that, if that’s true,” Turley said, adding that Sunday’s raid ” does raise questions about the promise made by the Biden administration that is going to be more careful when dealing with media figures.”

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