Baking soda cleaning hack: The seven ways to use baking soda to eliminate smells

Cleaning hack: Simple method to clean pans with baking soda

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Baking soda is great at getting rid of grime, dirt and stains because it is so acidic and that’s common knowledge among cleaning enthusiasts. But, did you know that a sprinkle of baking soda can also wipe out bad smells in a number of areas of the home? reveals the seven ways you can use baking soda to eliminate smells, according to Cleanipedia.

Baking soda, which is not to be confused with baking powder, is an extremely useful cleaning agent.

When it comes to using bicarbonate of soda for smells, just leaving an open container of bicarbonate of soda in a room or container can help to neutralise most odours overnight.

However, you can use the stuff for more ingrained, specific or hard to reach smells too.

Cleanipedia has revealed seven ways to use baking soda for smells.


Baking soda is known for unblocking drains when combined with vinegar, but this hack can also remove bad smells from drains too.

Cleanipedia recommends tipping a few tablespoons of baking soda into a drain with warm white vinegar and then running the hot water tap for a few minutes.

The advice claims: “This will help dislodge, or at least deodorise anything causing a smell.”

This hack won’t work on serious blockages – for that, you’ll need a commercial cleaning product.

Household surfaces

You can neutralise bad smells from most household surfaces with baking soda.

Clean up whatever you’ve spilt on the surface and then make a solution with baking soda and scrub them down gently.

This even works on carpets when they’ve been badly stained, the experts at Cleanipedia said.


Sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda into your shoes if the sweat from your feet has made them smell

Cleanipedia said: “This works almost as well as commercial odour removal products.

“Let them rest overnight, and then just empty them into the bin or sink in the morning.

“Just be careful with this method if you have sensitive skin, as the product could irritate your skin.”


If your hoover smells, you may be able to help the problem by simply sprinkling a little bicarbonate of soda onto the carpet before you use it, according to Cleanipedia.

Don’t go overboard though and make sure you don’t use baking soda on wood floors, as it can stain the floor.

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Dishwashers are known for being stinky – after all, they do wash dirty dishes and are probably full of old food.

If your dishwasher smells musty, empty it and check there’s no food clogging the filter.

Then, Cleanipedia recommends running a hot wash with a cup of baking soda.


Bins are notoriously smelly and there’s not much you can do about that.

However, adding a spoonful of baking soda to the new bag each time you change your bin bag could absorb any foul odours.


You can use bicarbonate of soda to remove smells in the fridge.

Cleanipedia’s team advised: “Place a small bowl or box of baking soda in the fridge.

“This will keep the appliance smelling fresh in-between more in-depth cleanings.”

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