Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans share cheap trick to get rid of burn marks on carpet – ‘it works’

Mrs Hinch shares tips on cleaning ‘stubborn’ pet fur

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Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, is much-loved for sharing her easy and affordable cleaning hacks. Fans of the social media personality have headed online to share their own advice on cleaning carpets and covering up burn marks.

The hacks were shared on a Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, which boasts nearly 700,000 followers.

Facebook user Sally Watkins asked for advice after her mother accidentally dropped an iron on the carpet, leaving a mark.

Burns can be left on carpets from accidents such as dropping hair styling tools, candles or an iron on the floor.

Sally posted: “My 84-year-old mother had made a monumental mistake.

“Her iron fell off her ironing board last night and landed up right on her almost brand new carpet, now it has a lovely iron print on it.

“Is there anything I could try that would disguise it? It’s a man made carpet?”

While the social media user shared her concern, others were on hand to offer comforting advice.

Many suggested simply using a cheap razor to shave off burn marks could work well.

Elaine O’Neil stated: “This happened to someone I know. She bought some disposable Bic razors and ‘shaved’ the burnt bits.

“Hers was on the landing so not in immediate sight.”

“My daughter burnt my carpet with hair straighteners,” Michelle Poole added.

“I trimmed off the burnt bits and then gently shaved the top of the carpet, can’t even see it now.”

A third, Andrea Driffield, agreed and wrote: “I dropped an iron once and shaved the mark off, you can try on a little bit.”

Another social media user explained she had also found success with the method, despite it seeming “daft”.

“If it’s just the top bit of the fibres of the carpets that’s burnt you can use a razor to shave off the top bits to get rid of melted bits,” Kristy Fletcher added.

“Sounds daft but it does work if it hasn’t melted right down.”

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Others suggested using a spare bit of carpet to replace the burn marks.

Some homeowners suggested using sandpaper to soften the stains.

Zoe Travis stated: “I used sandpaper and then trimmed the burnt bits that didn’t lift with the sandpaper with scissors. Fingers crossed it works for you.”

“Sandpaper definitely works a treat,” Elizabeth Jeff added.

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