Atlanta boutique operators lose $100k in merchandise to burglars, slam crime crisis in US cities

Atlanta boutique loses over $100,000 in merchandise from burglary

Atlanta consignment store owner Chanel Hawk and managing partner Austin Gray on how they’ll protect their store from looters.

Two Atlanta boutique operators slammed the ongoing crime crisis gripping U.S. cities Tuesday after being burglarized of more than $100,000 in merchandise from one of their shops. 

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends First,” owner Chanel Hawk and managing partner Austin Gary lamented why anyone would decide to steal from their businesses and expressed hope that they would be able to prevent any future crime sprees from impacting their livelihoods by standing together with others in the community and looking out for each other.

Carley Shimkus, Chanel Hawk and Austin Gary discuss their store being burglarized in Atlanta on Fox & Friends First – December 14, 2021. (Screenshot/Fox News)
(Screenshot/Fox News)

“I’ve been in business for almost eight years and this is the second time this occurred, and it’s just like what are the police going to do?” Hawk told host Carley Shimkus. 

“Everything goes in your head like how is this merchandise going to be recovered? Who’s going to pay for these consignors’ lost items? Everything just rushes through your head. It’s just sad.”

Gary added that police have not identified the suspects and echoed Hawk’s sentiment questioning why people would decide to steal from others. 

Jewelry stores are often targeted in smash-and-grab robberies. (Conway Police Department)
(Conway Police Department)

The two explained that they lost about the same amount of merchandise during the 2020 riots following the death of George Floyd, but expressed their determination that they weren’t going to allow thieves to continue to steal from them. 

“They’re not going to keep stealing because we upped the security devices,” Gary said while also noting that there would be a bigger police presence in the area in the future. 

“We’re a family business. The community has been very supportive for us and we believe that we’re going to fight back. Not like they fight. We’re going to fight back just by looking out for one another, being there for one another, and it’s going to come to a stop. It’s going to come to a stop.”

A boarded up Michael Kors store in San Francisco, California amid a rise in smash-and-grab theft. 

Both expressed their determination to not allow such actions to stop them from continuing with their lives and successfully running their business.

“Eventually they will get caught all over the world. They’re going to get caught,” Gary added. “And more importantly, get a pen, go into a location, ask for a job application, just fill it out. Get a job! It’s simple.”

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