Joe Biden is blaming the American people over low poll numbers: Jesse Watters

‘The Five’ react to Biden’s new low approval on COVID-19 and the economy

‘The Five’ panel react to President Joe Biden polling low numbers in handling COVID-19, economic recovery, and inflation.

Fox News host Jesse Watters slammed President Biden for talking about the American people as if they’re a bunch of gullible suckers on “The Five” Monday. 

Biden appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” Friday and attempted to field questions about his poll numbers. Biden said, facetiously, that he doesn’t check his poll numbers anymore, especially after their recent dive into the forties.

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Fallon asked, “How much do you pay attention to approval ratings?”

“Well, not anymore,” Biden said. 

He went on to blame his low polling numbers on the American people being fed misinformation. 

“People are getting so much inaccurate information, they’re being told that … Armageddon is on the way,” Biden said. 

Watters responded to the president’s remarks saying, “Do you know how small [Biden] … has to look to go on a late-night TV show (on Zoom, by the way, not in person) and complain that no one listens to them anymore. ‘Jimmy, nobody trusts what I say anymore. You know, it’s like the American people are just so anxious and they’re just a bunch of suckers who will believe anything anybody tells them, right, Jimmy? Jimmy, you tell them, you’re the good guy, right?'”

“And then he gets up and he says, You know what? Everyone’s scared. Well, who’s scared him, Joe? You have still people putting face masks on babies,” Watters continued. “You have people double vaxxed, boosted test negative and still have to wear a mask. They’re scared because you scared them.”


Watters said Biden is essentially gaslighting the American people in denying the reality they face on a daily basis and chalking it up to hysteria and misinformation. 

“Now not only that, you have high crime, and you have high prices in the American. People feel that, and they’re not going to listen to a politician, tell them they’re not feeling what they’re actually feeling,” Watters said.

A new ABC/Ipsos poll found that a supermajority of Americans (69%) disprove on Biden’s handling of inflation which reached a height unseen in 31 years. Moreover, 57% percent of respondents disproved of the president’s performance on economic recovery. 

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