The three fruits that can be used to clean your home

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Lemons are the most popular fruit when it comes to cleaning, thanks to their high acidity and fresh scent. The acidic quality of this waxy yellow fruit makes it an ideal pairing for baking soda and white vinegar, to make the ultimate household cleaning solution. While lemons take the top spot, which other fruits can be used when cleaning your property?

Why are lemons good for cleaning?

The large circular surface of a halved lemon can be used to gently rub away everything from grease to tough liquid stains.

Both the juice and the peel of a lemon can be used in place of harsh chemical cleaners.

While most soaps have an alkaline pH, highly acidic lemons contain a large quantity of citric acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) – the powerful cleaning components.

Acid works to attack stains and soften the material to make food or dirt residue easy to wash away.

Lemons can’t exclusively kill bacteria, but the acidic juice can create a hostile environment, which can prevent bacteria from spreading as they become inactive.

Lemons have been proven to reduce some bacteria, including salmonella and E.coli.

The unique scent of fresh lemon works well to neutralise odours because the acids in the fruit work to reduce organic smells from proteins.

Strong scents from fish, rotting fruit or vegetables and an overfilled rubbish bin can all be neutralised by using a fresh lemon.

How to clean with grapefruit

Part of the citrus fruit family, grapefruits work similarly to lemons when used around the home.

Always cut grapefruit up to release sweet yet sour juices from this pink fruit and make use of the acidic orange flesh.

Grapefruits are best used in the bathroom using a simple cut and salt method.

Slice 2-3 grapefruits in half and dip the flesh in salt.

Use the salted citrus fruit to:

  • Cut through watermarks and bathtub rings
  • Clean your showerhead – grapefruit will banish limescale and soap scum
  • Polish your sink – the salt and acidic juice will tackle tough toothpaste stains
  • Wipe surfaces – bathroom counters can be scrubbed with grapefruit to remove stains and soap residue

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How to use citrus fruit for cleaning

Acidic citrus fruits can clean every room in the house.

From bathrooms to bedrooms, these three fruits can be squeezed and scrubbed to get gleaming results.

Some popular uses for citrus fruits when cleaning include:

  • Removing stains on copper
  • Scrubbing hard water stains
  • Freshening upholstery – add the juice or peel to water and spritzing furniture
  • Remove tough stains on chopping boards

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