Windsor Castle: Inside the Queen’s residence as she changes plans for the royal Christmas

Christmas decorations transform Windsor Castle

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The Royal Family usually celebrate Christmas in Sandringham in Norfolk. However, this year and last year the royals have had to sacrifice like so many Britons across the country and not gather as a large group due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Queen is 95-years-old and certainly the most at risk in her family of the new Omicron variant due to her age. Therefore, Kate Middleton and Prince William, Prince Charles and Camilla and all the other members of the Royal Family will be spending Christmas with their respective families this year.

The Queen currently spends most of her time in Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle is indeed the most Googled Royal residence in the UK and even fetches more searches a month than Buckingham Palace, the official monarch’s residency, according to new research.

This is most likely due to people’s worries about the Queen’s health and the fact she now resides mostly in Windsor and not London.

The 1,000-year-old castle, once just the weekend residence of The Queen, became Her Majesty’s full-time home during the coronavirus pandemic.

It was also where her husband Prince Philip passed away in April this year.

Windsor Castle, which has nearly a millennium of Royal Family ties and history locked within its walls, pulls in 124,000 searches a month – more than seven times the average searches for all royal residences.

The castle is likely to be Her Majesty’s permanent base for the rest of her reign and for Christmas this year, following her recent period of ill-health.

Worth an estimated £177million, it dates back to the Norman Invasion and boasts one of the richest and most varied architectural histories in the country, from its stunning series of staterooms to its 15th Century chapel.

Windsor Castle is the largest occupied castle in the world with around 1,000 rooms and 484,000 square feet of space.

Inside, it is very luxurious and regal with brightly coloured bedrooms, original fireplaces and historic artwork.

The dining room’s most impressive feature is its intricately carved ceiling which was completely restored after a fire ripped through part of the building in 1992.

There is also the Crimson Drawing Room, the Green Drawing Room, the White Drawing Room and St. George’s Hall.

During the festive period, there is a 15-foot Christmas tree in the Crimson Drawing Room.

Her Majesty the Queen has also recorded her annual Christmas broadcast from Windsor Castle for the last couple of years.

The research, by Luxury Hotel analysed Google searches for the most popular royal residences belonging to the British Royal Family to discover which one was the most sought-after.

A spokesperson for Luxury Hotel commented exclusively on the findings for

They said: “Each of the beautiful homes belonging to the Royal Family is a display of immense architectural prowess, from almost every era of British History.

“For decades, Buckingham Palace has been the epicentre of royalty, and it is what we always think of when we consider The Queen and how she lives.

“However, the fact that Windsor Castle is now officially more searched than Buckingham Palace – and pulls in more searches than any other royal residence – reveals a significant change in the Royal Family and its future.

“The Queen, who shielded at Windsor Palace with her now late husband Prince Philip during the coronavirus pandemic, has not officially returned to Buckingham Palace and her recent bouts of ill health, including a few nights in the hospital and missing the official Remembrance Sunday celebration last November due to a sprained back, mean that she is likely to reside at Windsor for Christmas this year and for the rest of her reign.

“Windsor Castle fetching more searches than Buckingham Palace now that the Queen is resting and recuperating there suggests a touching interest and concern in Queen Elizabeth and her wellbeing – whichever home she lives in.

“There are very few people on earth now who will be able to recall a time when Queen Elizabeth was not on the throne, and her enduring stability as both a figurehead and a monarch committed to duty and peace have provided comfort for the country for decades, over many years of political and financial changes.

“The high number of searches for ‘Windsor Castle’ each month emphasise just how loved The Queen is, and just how much the public wants regular updates on her health and to be reassured of her recovery and continued reign.”

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