Cleaning: Cheap hack to remove grease from an oven after cooking turkey – ‘no scrubbing’

Mrs Hinch reveals super effective oven cleaning hack

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Turkey is a popular option for those enjoying a Christmas dinner. However, cooking this can leave ovens greasier than usual. Cleaning experts have shared how to remove stains from an oven.

Cleaning up grease marks does not need to be a laborious task, according to Matthew Harrison at Price Your Job.

In fact, the expert explained this can be done simply using cheap products many will already have in the cupboards.

Use bicarbonate soda

He said: “Bicarbonate of soda is a non-toxic, inexpensive and effective oven cleaner for removing turkey grease.

“Simply mix three quarters of a cup of baking soda with a quarter of a cup of warm water until you have made a paste. A larger oven may require more product, so just double the mixture if you see fit.

“Add in two to three drops of essential oils for a fresh fragrance. Ensure your oven is off and completely cold. Using a clean paintbrush, spread the paste in the oven’s interior, avoiding the oven door and bare metal surfaces.

“For extra tough grease and tight corners, you can use a clean toothbrush. Leave overnight and remove the grease with a damp cloth. Repeat the process again if there is any excess grease, until your oven is sparkling clean.”

Use a dishwasher tablet

Matthew explained: “Did you know that your dishwasher tablet can be used to remove turkey grease from the oven too? Simply pop one or two dishwasher tablets into warm water, long enough for it to soak up water, but not long enough for the tablet to dissolve or crumble. 

“Wearing rubber gloves, hold the tablet and use it to scrub off the excess grease in your oven. I recommend using the flat bottom of the tablet in circular motions for the best scrubbing action and results.

“If the tablet gets too dirty or begins to dry out, dip it again in warm water and repeat. The best part is that the dishwasher tablet is also safe to use on the oven glass door and bare metal surfaces.

“When you’re finished, wipe away any residue with a damp cloth.”

Use a lemon

“This next hack will leave your oven smelling fresh and looking clean, without any scrubbing required,” the expert suggested.

“In a medium sized, oven proof bowl, fill three quarters of the way with boiling water. Add in two lemons, which have been cut in half and place in a preheated 250 degrees oven.

“Turn off the oven after 45 minutes and let it cool until it is warm enough to touch. Use a wet scouring pumice to simply wipe away any dirt and grease from the oven.

“This method works well for light-medium levels of grease, if you are dealing with an extremely dirty and greasy oven, it is recommended to use the bicarbonate of soda method.”

Use vinegar

Matthew continued: “Spray vinegar directly on the grease stain and let it sit for about five minutes. This will soften the grease, then scrub away with a soft sponge.

“For best results, apply vinegar when the oven is slightly hot to break down difficult, caked on stains. Vinegar is also a great grease preventative for your baking pans.

“Simply boil one cup of vinegar with three quarters of a cup of water in your pan for 15 minutes to prevent the grease from sticking and potentially splattering into your oven.”

Get a professional clean

While there are lots of cheap hacks, Matthew also added a professional clean could be on the cards.

He concluded: “Although natural DIY cleaning methods do work, it is a good idea to get a professional oven clean every six months to remove thick grease build-up.

“As Christmas is at the end of the year and a big family occasion, this is the perfect time to schedule a professional clean post event.

“If you routinely hire a professional cleaner, your oven’s lifespan will increase and the fire hazards in your home will be reduced.

“Oven cleaning specialists will use professional products to ensure your kitchen is safe, hygienic, and free of any hazardous fumes.”

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