House staging tips: Four things potential buyers are looking for – ‘all about the feeling’

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According to Rightmove, “more people will be making a resolution to move in the New Year in 2022”. Plus, with 19 percent more homeowners getting their home valued this December than the year before, 2022 is set to beat last year’s “busiest ever start to the year” for the property market. 

So how do prospective sellers stand out in a crowded market?

One expert has shared her top tips and tricks for home sellers on what potential buyers are looking for to take advantage of the latest housing trends.

Rachel Johnson, home staging expert at The Secret Seller explained: “Home staging is the best way to showcase your home’s best features.

“Many companies offer this as a professional option, but there are lots of ways you can become an amateur home stager.”

As well as adding the right furniture, soft furnishings and interior design touches, home sellers should also make sure they incorporate four other tips.


Decluttering is one of the most important steps when getting ready to sell, according to Rachel.

She said: “Clutter is not only distracting, but on a more important level, it plants seeds of doubt in buyers’ minds about a lack of storage. 

“A tidy home portrays a calm and organised setting, which is exactly what you want to be promoting when people walk through the door.”

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With any excess belongings, make sure that they are stored away.

She added: “Tidy away the majority of possessions and ornaments and if there’s still an excess, my advice is to gather them up in boxes and temporarily store them in a garage, loft, or even the car boot.” 


By presenting the house as uncared for, potential buyers will quickly assume that it is not well-maintained.

“No one wants to view a dirty house. It sets the wrong impression from the start and it’s very difficult to see past it.

“Even if you receive an offer on the property, it’s likely to be below the guide price to reflect the amount of work required to bring the home back to an exemplary standard.”

Cleaning is a great way to get the most value out of a property.

Rachel said: “Cleaning is a very simple way to retain thousands of pounds in a property’s value.”

Consider the lifestyle of prospective buyers 

Think about what stood out and made you fall in love with the property when you bought it.

The home staging expert said: “Concentrate on the property’s key features and make these your focus. Ensure they are presented to perfection and ask the agent to push these features on viewings.”

Create the right ambiance

Don’t let a room go to waste – make sure every room has the right ambience.

Rachel goes on to say: “It’s all about the ‘feeling’. Present your home in a way that people will adore.

“Create a warm and fuzzy feeling with carefully placed photos, lots of textures in the home furnishings and inviting scents for buyers to experience as they move around. 

“A word of warning though – don’t overdo it. The scents of overpowering air fresheners can be distracting and a sign of covering up something more sinister. 

“Instead, opt for natural soy wax candles and essential oil diffusers.”

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