Royal Mint: Have you checked your spare change? These 50 pence pieces could be worth £11k

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Some Britons are making a vast profit when it comes to selling on their unusual 50p coins with one recently going for £11,000 on eBay. Here’s what to look for when checking your change.

The Royal Mint says there are presently 71 different 50p coins in circulation – with most of them worth just that – 50p.

However, in some circumstances they could be worth up to 22,000 times more than their face value – so it’s a good idea to check before spending it on a pint of milk.

One lucky Briton recently made £11k by selling an unusual looking 50p coin to a collector on eBay.

It’s not the first time – Britons should know that It’s the rare design on the reverse of the coin that can mean it’s worth much more than it may seem at first glance.

Sometimes coins can be worth more because they are limited edition or because of an error when it was manufactured.

However, in one recent case it was a 50p coin that was made to commemorate the passing of a human rights law, 1918 Representation of the People Act 2018.

It went to the highest bidder for £10,999 and was sold on eBay despite the fact that it wasn’t shiny and new or the rarest coin in the box.

Other 50p coins that have sold for a pricier price-tag include The Paddington at the Tower 50p coin which recently sold for £10,000.

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Meanwhile, the Brexit 50p which was manufactured in 2020 has also sold to collectors for around £10,000.

On the reverse it says ‘Peace, Prosperity and Freedom with All Nations’.

Not all coins are guaranteed to fetch thousands though, with some only worth hundreds of pounds.

A rare Kew Gardens 50p is estimated to fetch £700 because only 210,000 of them were released into circulation in 2009.

Usually around half a billion coins are released into circulation, so it makes sense that rare or special edition coins will demand a bit more.

Britons can check how much a similar coin is selling for by going on eBay.

However, that doesn’t provide any guarantees.

There are a couple of online tools such as that could also help people determine a coin’s value before listing it.

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Sites like Coin Hunter will provide people with an estimated valuation of the coin based on the average of the most recent sales.

Combined with a look at similar sales on eBay it could give Britons a fair idea.

People can also have a look at the Royal Mint website for more information.

Who knows it could be worth thousands of pounds.

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