Hubble Space Telescope best images – including the Pillars of Creation and Saturn's rings

YOU may have seen the James Webb Space Telescope discussed a lot this week but the Hubble Space Telescope was once the most iconic.

The James Webb telescope will one day succeed the Hubble but it will have a hard job replacing some of the most amazing space images taken by the older craft.

Over the past three decades, the Hubble telescope has been beaming amazing images of space back to Earth.

The images and data Hubble has collected so far have changed and enhanced our understanding of the cosmos.

Pillars of Creation

Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope captured this image in 1995.

It's called the Pillars of Creation and shows a small section of the Eagle Nebula.

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It spans 4 to 5 light-years of the nebula, which is about 70 by 55 light-years wide.

A nebula is just a large cloud of dust and gas in space.

Jupiter storms

This stunning photo of Jupiter clearly shows an enormous "mega-storm" swirling above the surface.

The so-called Great Red Spot is wider than the Earth, with furious winds reaching speeds of up to 425mph.

Galaxy optical illusion

Astronomers spotted a galaxy in the distant universe which appears duplicated on the night sky at least 12 times.

The unusual sight was captured using the Nasa/ESA Hubble Space Telescope with the aim of giving scientists a better understanding of the early universe.

The galaxy appearing multiple times in the image has been nicknamed the Sunburst Arc.

It's almost 11 billion light-years away.

Saturn rings and auroras

This amazing image of Saturn shows its detailed rings as well as an aurora event.

It shows auroras on Saturn's north pole region.

We also get auroras in our polar regions here on Earth, such as the northern lights.

'Ghostly face'

This ghostly face was pictured staring back at us from deep space.

It's actually a rare image of a galactic collision.

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