National Insurance scam may see you lose cash in arrest threat – ‘will catch people!’

Rip Off Britain tells story of woman scammed out of £90,000

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A National Insurance number will be important to millions of people as it ensures contributions and tax are recorded against an individual’s name only. However, sophisticated criminals are relying upon this knowledge to lead Britons into a false sense of security.  A number of individuals have reported a scam which takes place via phone,  claiming to derive from official bodies.

The caller states they are either working for the National Crime Agency or the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), likely to make people pay attention.

Britons are then told their National Insurance number has been associated with fraud or criminal activity, and as a result, has been suspended.

This unsettling news is certain to catch Britons off guard, especially on a call from out of the blue.

The call then encourages the recipient to press one to be connected to an official to discuss the matter further.

However, the most frightening aspect of the call states that if a person fails to connect, they will be arrested for the alleged crime.

While this is likely to make Britons want to proceed further with the call, this is in fact the opposite of what they should do.

This is because the whole call is an elaborate scam, designed to part people with their personal details and their cash.

Criminals are posing as official agencies to surreptitiously collect sensitive information about people which they can use for unscrupulous purposes.

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If parting with their details, individuals may have their identities stolen, and their bank accounts raided for cash. 

The scam could cause devastation for those who fall victim, and so it is important not to engage.

Individuals should immediately put the phone down when coming into contact with this call, and preferably block the number concerned. 

A number of people took to social media to explain their close brushes with the scam, and warned others of what to look out for. 

Twitter user @tonyhewitt said: “Scam number pre recorded saying it’s a message from National Crime Agency.

“Something to do with bank account. I ended the call then.”

While @la1ne_m stated: “Beware calls saying National Insurance number has been suspended.

“Very convincing, asking you to click on one and then for personal details. They hung up immediately on challenging.”

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@Lothy1980 warned: “I’ve been called three times this week to report suspicious activity on my National Insurance number.

“I’m ‘going to be arrested’ and my accounts suspended. Scam reported to Action Fraud now.”

And @Scf65Forbes said: “Scam alert, calls from crime agency saying your national insurance number and bank is being frozen. 

“I wound them up with wrong details but it will catch a lot of people.”

Anyone who comes into contact with this scam is encouraged to report the matter to Action Fraud, the national crime reporting service.

Those who feel they may have fallen victim should take action as soon as possible, reaching out to their bank to put a stop on transactions.

They may also wish to contact the police for further investigation to take place.

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