‘Complete sinking feeling’ Mum devastated at losing £500 to fraudsters

Rip Off Britain: Customer loses £500 to fake fitness site

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With the high demand, major retailers quickly sold out of all sports equipment, leaving customers to buy from the lesser known sellers. On Rip Off Britain, mum of two Charlotte explained how one of these websites was able to scam her out of £500.

Charlotte is busy as she runs her own business whilst looking after her two daughters.

Her family takes fitness seriously so they wanted to create a home gym so lockdown would not stop them exercising as gyms and leisure activities were closed.

She decided to invest in a treadmill so her and her daughters could stay fit and train for the couch to 5k regardless of the weather.

With exercise equipment being so popular, she found that the major retailers had sold out, so she ended up buying a treadmill from Fitness Legion.

Charlotte paid £500 for the treadmill on her credit card.

Despite receiving a conformation email, the sellers had not contacted her regarding any updates about her order as the delivery date approached.

With no communication from the company, Charlotte did some digging and found a plethora of bad reviews.

Many people had complained to the company about never receiving their orders.

She said: “I had that complete sinking feeling that I’m not going to get my treadmill.

“And as sure as eggs, it didn’t get delivered on the date.”

Charlotte tried to contact the company, but they did not respond to her.

Surprisingly a few days later the website went down and was no longer available to buy from.

Charlotte continued: “I felt a bit of a fool. You do feel a fool.

“I just spent £500 and then I told the girls it’s not coming.

“They were very disappointed.”

Charlotte was able to get some money back as she used her credit card to pay.

She used the money that was given to her as the refund to buy another treadmill for her daughters.

Many people fell victim to these criminals and their fake websites.

It has been estimated that from March to June 2021, sales for exercise equipment increased by 6,000 percent.

Rip Off Britain is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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