Amazing TikTok hack ALL users need to know lets you swipe without using hands

A TIKTOKER has come up with a handy trick for using the video sharing app on an iPhone.

Mum Shannon, who goes by the name of Diaperbagrag, told her 126,000 followers about a way she's found to go through videos without having to swipe.

Instead, she uses the power of voice and a special tool on iPhone.

"I've found the best TikTok hack ever," she said.

"I want to watch TikTok while I'm doing laundry, like doing the dishes or something but I can't.

"Because my hands are wet or I'm like elbows deep into my kid's pant leg, turning it inside out the other way.

"And I can't be doing that and doing this [swiping] on TikTok to see what's next."

To set it up, you'll need to go to Settings, then select Accessibility.

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From there, choose Voice Control, followed by Customise Commands.

Tap Create New Command and type 'Next' into the box.

Then, tap Action, followed by Run Custom Gesture.

On this screen, do a swipe up gesture as you would on TikTok.

After this, go back and tap Application, and choose TikTok from the list.

Finally, tap Save in the top right.

You can repeat the whole thing again if you want for going back on videos on TikTok, simply repeating the same process but changing two bits.

When it comes to Create New Command type 'Back' this time.

And when you get to Run Custom Gesture, do a swipe down gesture instead.

Now you can use your voice to slide between videos on TikTok without using your hands.

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