‘Cheap but effective’: DIY mum-of three transforms kitchen floor in 90 minutes for £16

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Depending on size, a new kitchen floor can cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. Amy Leigh Jones, 25, a graphic designer and mum-of-three from North Wall, was fed up with the look of her kitchen floor, but didn’t want to spend lots of money renovating it. She spoke to money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk about how she managed to transform her floor for just £16.

Amy, who shares her home renovations at @ourlifeatno.11, said: “I’ve recently decorated my kitchen, and my flooring no longer matched the look I was going for.

“I roughly priced up a tile effect lino roll to be laid and it was working out around £70 to £80 for such a small space.

“Even if I had bought my own lino, the cheapest I could find was £40 for a piece that would fit, and fitting was £30.

“Instead, I spotted lovely stick-on tiles whilst shopping at Home Bargains over the weekend and they cost £1.99 per pack of five tiles.

“I worked out I needed eight packs for a total of £16.”

Amy explained that they are very easy to lay and she started in the centre of the room, peeling them back and sticking them down.

She added: “All you need is a Stanley blade and ruler to measure and trim around the corners and edges.

“I would definitely advise using some extra adhesive spray when laying to get the most out of them, the extra security will keep them down so they don’t start to lift.”

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From previous experience, the mum-of-three said the stick-on tiles are durable and can be hoovered as well as gently mopped.

She even used them to upcycle a dining table which is still perfect after 18 months.

The graphic designer continued: “I’ve used a few different variations of self-adhesive floor tile and planks in projects over the years.

“It’s a very cheap but effective way of transforming an area, even if it’s just a temporary fix.

“I’m always on the hunt for bargains, and to try to upcycle or decorate on a budget.

“I was very happy with the outcome, it lifted the whole kitchen and made the space feel a lot lighter.

“I’m always up for trying new things and doing things myself, especially if it saves money, sometimes it pays off.”

Stick-on tiles can be purchased from a variety of different retailers and they come in all sorts of different designs.

Stores such as B&Q and B&M have a huge variety, and they can even be purchased on Amazon.

Commenting on the transformation, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, said: “Home transformations have a reputation for being expensive, but as Amy has proved, you really don’t need to blow your budget to get your home looking totally different.

“She’s spent less than £20 and ended up with an on-trend kitchen.

“Best of all, it only took her an hour and a half.

“Stick-on tiles are one of my favourite budget materials when it comes to inexpensive DIY, I also love DC Fix too.

“Both of them are cheap, easy to use and make such a difference in no time at all.”

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