Will my car insurance cover Storm Eunice damage?

STORM Eunice has smashed the UK with strong gales – causing many cars to be damaged.

Falling trees and loose bricks have been particularly destructive hazards – but will your car insurance cover damage caused by the storm?

Will my insurance cover damage from a storm?

Although you should check with your insurance provider, the good news is that your car insurance should cover storm related damage.

Most drivers have a comprehensive insurance policy which will cover you if your car is hit by tree or debris blowing around.

According to insurer Zurich, claims for this type of damage increased by 17% during Storm Arwen in November.

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However, a third party policy will not cover storm damage.

Motor insurance will also not cover you if you are choose to drive and do so not within the law.

In a rare scenario, your car insurance could technically be pulled into question if your provider can prove "contributory negligence" on your part.

For example, this could be if you drove into an area flooded with water despite warning sides and your car suffered damages as a result.

Should I drive my car during a storm?

People are being told to stay home unless absolutely necessary, so it is safer to avoid using your vehicle if you can right now.

The RAC has urged motorists not to drive during Storm Eunice unless it is absolutely necessary following the alert for snow, heavy rain and winds.

RAC Breakdown spokesperson Rod Dennis said: “With a rare red weather warning for extreme winds in place tomorrow, safety on the roads will be paramount. It’s vitally important drivers don’t set out during Storm Eunice unless it can’t be avoided.

“It might be better to delay trips until the worst of the storm has passed.

“Drivers who make unnecessary journeys risk putting themselves and their passengers in danger, as well as the lives of anyone who may need to help them should something unwanted happen."

How can I protect my car from storm damage?

The first thing you can do is to not drive your car as Storm Eunice has left roads blocked with debris and fallen trees, a danger to your life and your vehicle.

If you do have to drive, research your journey and avoid any dangerous routes along the way.

When parking, steer clear of leaving your vehicle near trees and buildings that look insecure.

Try and park in a garage or enclosed area if you can to eliminate the chances of a tree falling on your car.

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