Pensioners may still be eligible for a free TV licence – how to get yours

BBC: Public share their views on TV licence fee

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In the past, the TV licence was made available free to all pensioners above the age of 75. It meant older Britons did not have to meet the TV licence fee, currently set at £159.

However, in the summer of 2020, the rules changed on who would be eligible.

Now, some over 75s have to meet the charge to watch live television, regardless of the channel, in the home.

But a certain group of pensioners may still not have to meet the TV licence fee.

Those over the age of 75 who are in receipt of Pension Credit are entitled to a free licence.

Pension Credit provides older Britons with extra money if they are on a low income.

It can help primarily with the cost of living, including housing costs and related charges.

However, it is also described as a “gateway benefit”, as those who claim can be entitled to other forms of support.

This includes a free TV licence for those over the age of 75 which could help at least somewhat in the current financial climate.

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To be eligible, a person must live in England, Scotland or Wales.

They must also have reached state pension age in order to qualify for this support.

Pension Credit tops up weekly income to £177.10 for singletons and joint weekly income to £270.30 for couples.

This is a process known as Guarantee Credit. 

Additionally, some individuals could also be entitled to another part of Pension Credit called Savings Credit.

This is intended for those who reached state pension age before April 6, 2016, and who saved some money towards retirement.

These individuals could get up to £14.04 per week if single, and £15.71 a week if in a relationship. 

If a person doesn’t currently claim Pension Credit, they could find they are eligible.

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To help, the Government has established the online Pension Credit calculator.

It provides individuals with an indication of how much they are likely to receive.

Following this, Britons may wish to action their claim.

This can be done online or by calling the number 0800 99 1234, between 8am and 6pm.

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