How to clean the patio with soda crystals – the 3 steps to a sparkling patio

DIY hack: Woman cleans her patio using three products

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Soda crystals are non-toxic, naturally occurring minerals that can break through dirt, grease and oil easily. Patios get covered in moss, algae, mud, dirt, and other particles you find outside. Spring is almost here and it’s time to scrub that patio as part of your Spring Cleaning regime. reveals how to clean a patio with soda crystals, according to Dri-Pak.

From oven racks to washing machines, soda crystals really can clean just about anything. Now it’s time to try using them on your patio.

The patio is one of the most daunting cleaning tasks if you don’t know about the soda crystal hack.

Not only are neglected patios unsightly, but they are also a health hazard. A patio covered in moss puts you at risk of slipping over if it has rained.

You don’t need to spend hours scrubbing away with brushes that scuff and damage your patio, stains and moss can be removed in one go with this trick.

There are other methods that will work, but soda crystals are by far the most cost-effective solution that doesn’t involve physical toil and harsh chemicals.

You can follow the same steps on your driveway, blocked outside drains, decking, and other outside surfaces.

Soda crystals are available to buy in 1kg bags from most major supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s Morrisons, Asda and Co-op, but they’re also available in other retailers such as B&Q, Savers, Home Bargains, Robert Dyas and Boyes.

For this job, you probably want to buy the large 10kg or 25kg bags that are available from Chinese wholesalers sold under the name of ELCO.

If you can’t get your hands on a larger bag of Soda Crystals, just make sure you stock up on enough small bags to get the job done in one go.

How to clean the patio with soda crystals

This task ideally needs to be done before rain is expected, so check the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

Sprinkle Soda Crystals on the ground and wait for it to rain. If rain doesn’t materialise, use a watering can to wet the crystals.

Leave the resulting paste for a day or two and you will be able to brush or scrape away the brown debris easily.

It’s as simple as that. Do this job at the beginning and end of every season to keep your patio sparkling.

If you don’t have a patio and have wooden decking instead, you can use Soda Crystals to clean the area.

Dri-Pak’s expert said: “Not only does it get rid of moss and leaves, but also helps in the preparation of the wood, stripping old varnish ready for a spring coating!”

If you have tired-looking plastic furniture in your garden, use Soda Crystals to spruce them up.

The expert said: “Soda Crystals can also be used to remove old dirt and grime from plastic patio furniture.

“Simply spray with Liquid Soda Crystals or apply a regular Soda Crystals solution to the affected area, and leave to work on the dirt and grime for half an hour. Then simply wipe away with a clean cloth and water.

“This will effectively remove any lingering stains without excessive elbow grease.”

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