Britons can live in underwater home for staggering £340,000 deposit – how it looks

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A new study by revealed how much it would cost to own a house under the sea and the best underwater locations to live in. looked at the existing submarine villas and top dive spots to find out how much it would cost to buy a house underwater.

According to the study, Britons would need to pay £340,000 deposit to buy a house under the sea.

The average price of an underwater home would be £3.4million.

But what would be the best location for the unusual property?

The ‘Cenote San Actun’ cave is the best underwater location to live in, according to the study.

Taking into consideration the accessibility, current, temperature, depth, visibility and location, Cenote San Actun, in Mexico, is part of the largest underwater cave system in the world and is the best location to set up a home.

The Philippines is also home to some of the best coral reefs, perfect for an underwater home with perfect conditions for human habitation, especially in the Balicasag, Pamilacan and Panglao Island.

Malta and Egypt are home to some of the deepest locations called ‘the blue holes’.

This darker and quieter atmosphere is perfect for those wanting to live a tranquil life.

At present, there are underwater homes readily available.

In Dubai, there are 42 villas being built as a part of an underwater development.

‘Floating Seahorse’ house with only the lower level of this build submerge has a price of £1.3billion.

The US Submarine Structures LLC has created H20ME, a 1,250 sq ft property costing £3million.

It also has a more luxurious option, a 3,600 sq ft development with a price tag of £9million.

The top 10 locations for underwater living:

Mexico, Cenote Sac Actun

Philippines, Balicasag Island

Philippines, Pamilacan Island

Philippines, Panglao Island

Indonesia, Sondana Beach

Indonesia, Timur

Malta, Blue Hole

Egypt, Blue Hole

Greece, Remezzo Reef

Egypt, Ras Mohammed

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