Where did Shane Warne live? Cricketing hero had multi-million dollar property portfolio

Shane Warne: Amol Rajan says cricketer was his ‘hero’

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Shane Warne died aged 52 of a suspected heart attack during a holiday in Thailand, leaving behind an estimated net worth of $50 million (approximately £37,800,040). Though he was known for his skills in the world of sport, widely renowned as “one of the finest bowlers in the history of cricket”, he also held an impressive property portfolio.

Born in the Australian suburb of Black Rock, Melbourne, Warne flipped one of his most impressive properties just along the coast from his childhood home.

This huge mansion in Brighton, Melbourne, was offloaded by the cricketing star after it was passed in at a private auction at $5.65 million (approximately £4,271,404) in December 2020.

The five-bedroom, six-bathroom property initially had an asking price of $6.8 million (approximately £5,140,805) to $7.4 million (approximately £5,594,405).

There were numerous areas to lounge and relax in the home, including a stunning monochrome sitting room with a grand fireplace, and even a cinema room.

The room also has enough space for a vast dining table.

Throughout the property, Warne stuck with a monochrome design rich in velvet and ornate chandeliers.

A grand staircase near the entrance further elevated the affluent atmosphere.

Perhaps one of the home’s most iconic features was a luxurious, well-stocked bar and plush seating area that wasn’t too far from a high-end nightclub.

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A wine cellar and adjacent living space also added to the opulent feel of the space.

Outside, the property boasted a luxurious pool and Jacuzzi, with lounge space for relaxing in the sun.

There was also a shaded outdoor dining area overlooking the garden.

Real estate agent Jonathan Dixon from JP Dixon described the home as “the total package”.

Speaking at the time about Warne’s history of renovation projects, he said: “Everyone thinks he just buys houses to turn them over, but that’s not correct. If you follow his lifestyle, it changes so often.”

This is not the only grand property that Warne owned over the years.

Warne has made several property plays in Brighton over the years, in one case buying and selling a huge bluestone mansion twice between 2001 and 2018.

According to RealEstate.com, he earned an estimated $18,888,888 (approximately £14,280,014).

He also previously co-owned a 13-room house in the UK which he renovated with former partner Liz Hurley.

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The house featured a custom-made bed with a mirror built into the ceiling.

According to the cricketing legend, the bed was so large it needed custom sheets to fit the giant mattress.

During a sting in the jungle on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2016, Warne shared his love of big beds.

He said: “It’s a four-poster 10ft by 10ft. I love big beds, I just love spreading out.”

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