DIY SOS star Mark Millar on the rooms that ‘automatically boost property value’

Mark Millar shares his tips for minimalist kitchens

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Property expert and builder Mark Millar returns to Channel 5 for the next instalment in his new makeover show, Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms. Kitchens and bathrooms have long been described as the most important rooms in a property, but why? The DIY SOS star has spoken exclusively to about why the two rooms can “automatically” boost the value of a property.

Mark explained that the kitchen, in particular, is a practical part of the home.

He said: “On a practical level, they [kitchens] boost value because it is such a working area and such an expensive area to renovate.

“It does automatically boost the value of a property.”

He described kitchens as a “rich room” that, if done well, can add great style to a home.

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However, unlike other rooms in a house, the kitchen has to be functional and practical for a homeowner.

Mark explained: “The kitchen is a multi-purpose room. It’s going to have a different function at different times of day.

“It’s got to be practical and utilitarian in the morning, and in the evening it’s also got to be that space where you have dinner parties and relax.

“You’re also adding machines, cookers, ovens hobs – you’re investing a lot of money in it.

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“The kitchen itself is going to be worth a lot of money.

“That is the practical part of the house.”

Bathrooms still need to be practical but also luxurious.

“In the bathroom, you’re literally creating a sanctuary,” Mark added.

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“Those things are important to people.”

Other rooms in a home such as living rooms and bedrooms, are usually places where people put furniture or add their own decoration.

However, kitchens and bathrooms will be home to “fixed products” that can cost a lot of money.

Labour for kitchens and bathrooms also tends to be more expensive as it’s more specialised.

A stylish, well-planned kitchen and bathroom can be hugely appealing for buyers – if they like your taste – as it saves them spending the money further on down the line.

Mark explained: “It’s going to boost the value of your property and they’re not going to have to spend so much money on doing it up.

“They will be able to walk in and enjoy the home.”

Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms with Mark Millar airs tonight at 7pm on Channel 5

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