‘Should be avoided’: Soft furnishings can ‘instantly date’ a home – what to go for instead

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Interior trends change each year, with bright colours and statement lighting expected to be popular in 2022. One interior design expert has shared ways in which homeowners can date their own as well as “timeless” options they can choose if they want their interior to be in style long-term.

Katie Thomas, founder of interior design company KTM Design, explained: “There are various things which can instantly date your home.

“Matching cushions and curtains are a prime example.

“The aim for fabrics and colours is to complement each other, they don’t have to match!”

Adding different textures into the home is a great way of adding depth and dimension into a home.

Geometric patterns with shapes or hard angles can work really well with floral prints, which will also bring a touch of colour into the room.

The expert added: “Following trends should also be avoided.

“What’s trendy now is not always trendy tomorrow.

“Designs should be future-proof and there to last.

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“This can be done by following a striking, classic design. 

“Don’t spend too much money on trends unless you want to keep updating your interiors.”

When it comes to renovating the home and bringing in new pieces of furniture, opting for styles which will “never go out of style” is ideal for those wanting to keep their interior the same long-term.

Katie explained that although signature pieces such as a classic oak bookcase may be expensive, they will always be trendy and remove the element of “fast fashion”.

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The interior designer added: “Investing in these is a more sustainable approach, which is better for the environment as it will be with you for a long time.

“The Dark Academia trend lends itself well to a timeless design, as it can include more classic features which will never go out of style.

“The look itself includes classical interiors and architecture, with features such as elaborate vintage picture frames, pressed flowers, vintage posters, candle holders, statue busts and typewriters.

“Typical materials are wood, and colours involve dark, moody, and earthy tones such as dark reds, browns, blues and greens, with highlights in cream and beige.”

For those wanting their interior design to glow throughout the home, neutral colours are recommended, including grey.

According to the expert, grey is a great colour to incorporate into the home as it will remain a “timeless” colour when it comes to decorating.

Whether it is used as a statement or as a base colour, grey can add a touch of modern to any room as well as warmth.

Katie continued: “A grey colour scheme provides a natural palette and blank slate allowing room for personalisation through decor and textures.”

Adding throws, cushions, rugs and lamps can also make a property feel like a home and provide warmth into it.

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