‘Worst thing you can do’: Mrs Hinch fans share how not to wash towels – ‘they’ll go nasty’

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Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame on social media several years ago when she started to share unusual cleaning hacks. Now, her fans regularly share their own tips and tricks on dedicated cleaning Facebook pages, including how to keep bath towels nice and fluffy.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked how she could “save her towels” after they started to smell.

Jem Vy wrote: “How do you get damp smell out of bath towels?

“I wash them with lots of fabric conditioner but the smell is still there, I was thinking of just getting rid of them unless there are any tips to save them?”

Bath towels need washing regularly and can remain damp for several hours after washing.

This is the perfect breeding ground for unwanted germs, which can cause them to smell musty.

Luckily, Mrs Hinch fans took to the comments to share help as well as advice on keeping them fluffy.

Nadia Khan wrote: “Always wash them at the hottest wash and never use a fabric conditioner when washing towels.”

Lorraine Warr said: “Never ever use it! Fabric conditioner that is, they’ll go nasty, I thought that was well known but here is the best tip. Use white vinegar in the fabric conditioner drawer will remove nasty smells.”

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Coleen Francis added: “I never use softeners in any washing. Put a tablespoon of white vinegar in each wash.”

White vinegar is both a cleaning agent and deodoriser, making it perfect to add into towels.

Deborah Biggar commented: “Instead of fabric conditioner, use a cap of white vinegar, once they have washed and dried, you won’t even smell the vinegar.”

Wendy Right added: “White vinegar is so cheap too, pick it up from any supermarket, worst thing you can do when washing towels is use softener of any kind.”

Other group members recommended using a disinfectant gel to help remove the germs that may have built up.

It is also a good idea to hang towels outside to help them air dry, which can be harder during the winter months.

For those without a tumble dryer, fans also shared top tips on drying them during the colder months of the year.

Sammy Hourston-Quirk wrote: “Not exactly a cleaning question but how does everyone dry towels after a shower?

“We used to hang them over the banister but in our new house it’s way too short to fit them.

“We don’t have a tumble dryer and the clothes airer is always full? Also be good to know how people dry their towels and clothes without a tumble dryer.”

Saz Hickman commented: “I’ve got a couple of radiator airers and hang them over that.”

Mia Leathers said: “Buy another airer if you haven’t enough room. I would suggest a radiator airer so there isn’t too much moisture in the air, could lead to damp.”

Alison Griffiths added: “Radiator airer has an extra two to three slots you can use, so cheap and it’s brilliant.”

Radiator airers are effective for drying any piece of clothing, especially after a big load of washing.

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