How your car’s COLOUR could save you money – or increase your chances of being in a crash

THE colour of your car could save you money – or increase your chances of being in a crash, new research has shown.

Some colours have been deemed “safer”, which means your insurance may come in a bit cheaper.

According to Go Direct Insurance, the most popular car colour in Britain in silver, with white coming in second.

But if you want to avoid getting in a crash, white cars are actually safer than silver, according to research from Monash University’s Accident Research Centre.

And to keep yourself safe, and your insurance rates low, Brits should avoid buying a black car.

These have been found to be the most likely to end up in road traffic accidents.

White cars are 12 per cent less likely to get in an accident compared to black cars – at any time of day.

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In some surveys yellow cars actually surpassed white as the safest colour.

The reasoning behind this research is simple – Black cars are harder to see than white one, especially at night.

Black cars tend to blend in, and roads are usually also black.

Similarly, dark blue, and grey cars are also more likely to get into an accident compared to lighter colour cars.

There are a many factors that determine the cost of car insurance.

These include your age, where you live, the make of vehicle, the amount of driving experience you have and if you have made previous claims.

An insurer may think a younger driver will take more risks and premiums could be higher if you live in an area with a high crime rate.

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The premium will also be calculated based on how often and how far you will use the vehicle and if it is being driven for business, pleasure or both.

While it might seem unfair, because of numerous studies, you might be charged a bit more for driving a black vehicle.

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