New stoma bags branded a ‘patient’s life-changer’

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Trio’s Genii for ostomates – those who have an opening (or stoma) for the discharge of body wastes – is made of its breathable silicone, a world first patented material. With more than 102,000 patients in the UK alone, the meditech specialist’s innovation is focused on being a game-changer in a sector where progress has lagged, despite some 45 percent suffering side-effects.

The open Genii bag has just launched and will be followed by a closed version in April, with both available from the NHS and Amazon.

Production is at Trio’s base in Skipton, North Yorkshire, where expansion with a second unit, complete with £1million of new tooling developed by a UK engineering firm, will double capacity.

Following US patent approval the company has also opened up an office in New Jersey, joining those in Singapore and Dubai.

Trio’s technology replaces traditional pouch solutions that attach well to the body but, because they are not breathable, repel moisture that needs to escape.

This can cause tremendous mental and physical problems for patients through bag leaks and disintegration, as well as skin damage and allergies.

These are triggered when pouches have to be changed, a process normally happening at least twice a day.

Chairman and majority co-investor Richard Anderson, a wound care business expert, bought in three years ago after seeing the potential.

He views the innovations as a longoverdue win for patients and for the NHS through cost savings.

“Our stoma accessories and bags are highly secure, but gentle, easier to remove and longer lasting,” he explains. “Those living with an ostomy today aren’t prepared to put up with inadequate products. There are more than one million people globally who want to live full lives.

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“Our Genii bags are tailored to life now. They match different skin tones and shapes, they compare price-wise, but require fewer changes.”

Trio’s breathable silicone formulation was invented in 2006 by founder Lloyd Pearce. This resulted initially in breathable bag attachments which have gone on to win Queen’s Awards For Enterprise and have attracted millions of pounds of funding.

The company now employs 50 and investors include US backer SWK Holdings and working capital support from HSBC.

Turnover is forecast to top £54million by 2024 and collaboration discussions regarding other wound care applications are under way.

“We translate real science into commercial success,” adds Anderson, who is aiming to make Trio the north’s first meditech unicorn.


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