State pension age increase could affect other freebies like prescriptions and bus passes

Coffey says state pension age 'will not be reviewed' in September

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Free NHS prescriptions, bus passes and certain benefits can only be received by Britons once they reach state pension age. While the state pension age is currently 66, some experts believe it could go as high as 70 in the next 18 years, leaving Britons four more years out of pocket for their expenses.

The current state pension age is 66, allowing Britons to claim the likes of state pension, pension credit and free prescriptions. 

However, it is believed that this will increase to 67 between 2026 and 2028, leaving millions of would-be pensioners to cover expenses they didn’t plan for. 

It is believed this could rise to 70 by the year 2040 depending on the criteria the Government uses to increase the age.

Usually the Government will increase the state pension age depending on general life expectancy in the UK, meaning that these predictions are not set in stone. 

In the midst of the cost of living crunch, and with an abysmal benefits increase due in April, the change in state pension age could be disastrous for those planning on utilising the freebies and benefits to stay afloat.  

Free bus passes are available to Britons in England over the state pension and allows them free bus transport in the country. 

However, London, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland offers free bus passes to their residents from the age of 60. 

Britons who meet the qualifying criteria can apply for the scheme on the Government website where they will be put in contact with their local councils.

However, there are other potential freebies and discounts on offer which could cover for the lacking free bus pass.


Getting around can become more difficult as one gets older and with the free bus pass change many fear they simply won’t be able to afford the transport they need. 

Senior Railcards offer over 60s a discount of one third off their rail fares along with a host of other potential savings interlinked with the Railcard. 

For example, Tesco Clubcard holders can use their points towards buying a one year Railcard for £15 instead of £30.

Anyone can apply for a Senior Railcard up to 14 days before they turn 60, and it can be delivered immediately through the digital Railcard option.

Boots point

The Boots Advantage Card scheme is already well known, providing points for every purchase which shoppers can then use directly on a purchase, essentially giving them free money. 

However, this deal is doubled down on for over 60s as they can claim double the amount of points on any purchase they make at Boots.

Over 60s can get a Boots Advantage Card and claim the extra discount by joining the Over 60s Reward scheme. 


Clubs across the country provide concession tickets for older people. 

Although the age requirement for these concessions may differ from club to club, it is worth over 60s checking if their favourite team provides this. 

Some clubs may even provide special senior prices at certain times during the season or discounts on food and drink at the local stadium. 

To help Britons get a better of understanding of what age they will reach state pension eligible, launched a tool which can be found online. 

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