Deadly Russian Strike At Kiev Apartment Bloc As Ceasefire Talks Resume

At least two people were killed in a Russian air strike on an apartment bloc in Ukrainian capital Kiev as both sides resumed talks Monday in another attempt to end the war.

The Russian forces also targeted an aircraft manufacturing plant in Kyiv.

In another Russian airstrike targeting a large military base near the western city of Lviv, which is close to the Polish border, 35 people were killed and dozens of others were injured.

Russian attacks on residential areas in the cities of Kharkhiv, Mykolaiv, Dnipro, Chernihiv and Sumy have caused extensive damage.
The Ukrainian city worst affected by the Russian onslaught is Mariupol, where more than 2,500 civilians have died. The city is in blackout and without water and heat.

A Ukrainian Presidential adviser said the Russians are wiping the southern city out. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba repeated his call on Western countries for more help in the fight against Russia.

“To those abroad scared of being ‘dragged into WWIII’. Ukraine fights back successfully. We need you to help us fight. Provide us with all necessary weapons. Apply more sanctions on Russia and isolate it fully. Help Ukraine force Putin into failure and you will avert a larger war,” he wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, China has described claims by U.S. officials that Russia asked Beijing for military aid in Ukraine as “disinformation”. The U.S. had warned Beijing it would face harsh “consequences” should it support Moscow.

Sunday, U.S. President Joe Biden spoke with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron to discuss Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“They reviewed recent diplomatic engagements and underscored their commitment to hold Russia accountable for its actions and to support the government and people of Ukraine,” the White House said in a statement.

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