‘Just go for it!’ Man shares simple money making tip earning him thousands

Passive income: Expert on making money when you're not working

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Oscar Chu Ortega was looking for an easy way to make an additional income after relocating to East London while concentrating on his own business. Mr Ortega told Express.co.uk that his side hustle is perfect for people who need extra money but are time poor.

One means of making an extra income is through Stashbee – an online marketplace that allows people to hire out their garage, driveway or loft space.

Oscar makes £130 a month hiring out his driveway and has racked up £3,780 since his Stashbee listing went live.

The tech entrepreneur told Express.co.uk: “This source of income from renting my parking place has been very useful as it has helped with the expenses I had at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.

“I was able to make a substantial side revenue stream for myself, particularly during the pandemic.

“People should just go for it because it’s always great to have a new source of income.”

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He said he would recommend it to other people who are time poor because it was easy money for very little work.

Even if Britons don’t have a spare driveway, they might be able to make money by listing a garage or a loft.

According to the RAC there are 5.7 million dormant garages in the UK.

Yet Britons could be earning around £147 a month by letting commuters park there.

Anthony Paine, chief executive of Stashbee said it could be a solution for other cash-strapped Britons.

“Physical space is a fundamentally scarce resource – there’s a limited amount on planet earth.

“Urbanisation, globalisation, population growth, increasing cost of living and property price inflation are just some of the factors making it harder for people to find spare space at an accessible price, where they need it, and with the access and security features they require.

“Stashbee solves this problem by providing a simple, smart and sustainable way for people to store their things locally, whilst also empowering people with space to become micro-entrepreneurs.”

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How much could I earn from my space?

Through Stashbee, the average renting costs of basements is £0.91 per square foot, with an average earning potential of £181 per month.

Britons can earn on average £147 per month through renting out their garage space.

On average, people can rake in £891 every month from renting loft space.

Parking Spaces and Driveways
People have been cashing in on renting their empty spaces and earn £213 per month on average.

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