Pensioners with arthritis or other conditions may get extra £92 per week

Attendance Allowance: Age UK helps man claim benefit

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Many pensioners will be solely reliant upon the state pension in retirement, and it could be a financial stretch. This is particularly the case for those living with additional health needs which may require more money to live with.

Bearing this in mind, the Government is offering support to those over state pension age through Attendance Allowance.

The payment helps those older individuals living with a disability or condition severe enough to require support.

Importantly, Britons do not have to have someone caring for them in order to claim, which could mean many are eligible.

One particular condition which is unfortunately common amongst older people is arthritis.

Arthritis is thought to impact more than 10 million people in the UK according to the NHS, although its consequences can differ.

Pain and inflammation in one joint or more can be seriously painful and even limit a person’s ability to carry out day-to-day activities.

It can also cause other health challenges such as fatigue, discomfort and weight loss.

Osteoarthritis, one type of arthritis, is most often likely to develop in people as they age.

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For this reason, Attendance Allowance could be the most suitable form of assistance.

The organisation Versus Arthritis has explained how some people living with the condition could get extra help.

Its website states: “What matters with Attendance Allowance is how much your arthritis (and any other condition you may have) affects you.

“It is based on the help you need — not the help you actually get. It does not matter if you receive a lot of help or support, or very little. It is up to you how you spend the allowance.”

Those who have arthritis or other conditions will need to check their eligibility.

Individuals must have a physical or mental disability severe enough that they need care or supervision.

This help must have been required for at least six months for a person to get support.

Attendance Allowance is issued at two rates, and what a person gets depends on the support they need.

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This week, the rates for Attendance Allowance increased by 3.1 percent, like other benefits.

As the Government outlined in official figures the lower rate of Attendance Allowance has risen from £60 to £61.85 per week.

The higher rate has also risen from a previous £89.60 to £92.40 per week.

However, this is not the only form of support available through the payment.

In fact, Britons claiming Attendance Allowance may also be entitled to extra Pension Credit, council tax reduction or Housing Benefit.

They must check with the helpline or office dealing with their benefit to find out more. 

Attendance Allowance can be received if a person fills in a claim form and applies by post.

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