Premium Bonds: NS&I announces May prize draw results – two new £1million jackpot winners

Martin Lewis gives updated advice on premium bonds

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The Premium Bonds results have been released today, revealing two new millionaires in Manchester and Wandsworth. One of the winning bonds had been purchased all the way back in 2003, giving hope to older bond holders that their day may be coming soon.

Two lucky Britons went to sleep last night with normal bank accounts but have awoken this morning to seven figure winnings. 

The first winning bond number is 281HY160082 belonging to a winner in Greater Manchester.

The second jackpot number is 092QC393406, purchased in June 2003 by a bondholder in Wandsworth. 

Both accounts held relatively high sums close to the Premium Bonds limit, with £50,000 and £49,000 respectively.

The Greater Manchester winner has £50,000 in Premium Bonds. They purchased the winning Bond, which has a value of £40,000, in September 2016.

It is well-known that having more money in Premium Bonds increases one’s chances of winnings, but there is hope for those with lower savings. 

The Wandsworth winner managed to capture the elusive £1million jackpot with a winning bond with the value of £1,000.

Alongside the lucky millionaires, 3.3 million other prizes are due to be dished out this month.

These prizes could be worth between £25 and £100,000. 

Six bond holders will be waking up this morning to £100,000 worth of winnings in their accounts.

One West Scotland bond holder has won £50,000 with a bond that has a value of £200. They hold a total of £23,125 in Premium Bonds.

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