I've been trapped inside my house for five months while waiting for my car to be repaired… I feel like I'm in jail

A DISABLED man has told how he has been trapped inside his home like a prisoner after his car has taken more than four months to be repaired.

Stanley Bland, 67, has not travelled further than his own driveway since the end of December thanks to the slow coaches repairing his adapted motor.

To make matters worse, the pensioner, from the Isle of Grain in Kent, has suffered from lymphoedema for the past three years.

It means water is retained all over his body, causing extreme swelling.

As a result, Stanley has trouble walking long distances so relies on his mobility scooter to get about when outdoors and a medically adapted car.

But the car houses his mobility scooter in when he is not using it because there is simply not the space to store it in his home- and that's also at the garage, leaving Stanley stranded.


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Speaking to The Sun Online, Stanley fumed: "I can't do anything – I have my TV and iPad – that is my life.

"I just want my b***** car back!"

The electric Vauxhall Vivaro-Elife – which his wife Nicola drives – has a specially-designed hoist in the back to help Stanley get in and out and adjustable seats so he can sit comfortably.

But after hitting a bollard on Christmas Eve which caused "minor" damage to the door, the car was sent to a garage to be fixed – with his scooter in tow.

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Stanley was originally told it would take just two weeks but after waiting for more than a month, he chased the garage.

Astonishingly, he found out it had closed down.

His insurance company RSA then transferred the car into another garage but that also went bust.

But when the couple finally got the car back, it was in a sorry state with with a missing panel under the steering wheel and wires sticking out.

The car was sent straight back to the garage, but wife Nicola reckons it will be "another month" until they can get it back – pushing their saga into six months.

He said the insurance company did send a hire car but it was unsuitable for his needs.

It has also offered to pay for taxis and to pay out compensation but only for local journeys – but Nicola says many of his appointments have been pushed back until they get their car back.

But Stanley told The Sun the stress of it all is making his excruciating condition "worse" and has led to "new pain" in his arms.

And it is impacting his wife too, who Stanley says is "working her a*** off" as a letting agent to hold down the fort while her husband has no choice but to wait the misery out.

The lack of a vehicle is causing other pain, too.

With no car suitable to carry him around, Stanley has missed his nieces christening and had to cancel Easter at his daughters home in Nottingham.

He told Kent Online: "It is a strain on me. It has totally paused my life for the last few months. I am literally isolated."

An RSA spokesman said: “We’re really very sorry for the problems Mr Bland has experienced with his claim. This has fallen well below the standards our customers expect of us and those we set ourselves.

"Mr Bland’s mobility scooter has been returned to him but, unfortunately, while most of the repair work to his car has been completed, some minor repairs are still required.

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"We are working with the repairer to ensure that these final repairs are made swiftly so that Mr Bland’s car can be returned to him as soon as possible.

"We are also conducting a full review of Mr Bland’s complaint and will be offering him compensation for the disruption caused, while also taking steps to learn from the mistakes made in this case.”

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