‘Fool the eye!’ Interior designer shares ‘clever tricks’ to make rooms feel larger

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Express.co.uk spoke to Alysha Alli, Head of Redrow’s in-house interior design team about the quickest design changes to make that make the most impact. She also revealed how to make small, cramped rooms, look light and airy. 

Alysha said: “If space allows, introduce oversized accessories, such as vases, sculptures, chandeliers or rugs. 

“It is an easy way to introduce a new colour, texture or pattern into your room that will immediately attract attention. 

“Be open to different tones and patterns when choosing these accessories, as these investment pieces may be moved around your home as you redecorate.  

“If you’re limited on space, adding an oversized mirror to a smaller space will immediately make the space feel lighter, brighter and more spacious, while the reflection will enlarge and enhance any statement features – perfect for smaller sized rooms.

“Upstairs, adding layering to your beds is an easy and inexpensive way to quickly add a luxurious feel to your sleep sanctuary and re-affirm your bed as the focal point in your bedroom,” she added. 

“Soft furnishings, such as accent cushions in a number of sizes or textured throws, can be a great way to integrate a splash of colour, pattern and texture without committing to a standout permanent feature.”

The interiors expert also shared some tips for adding value to a property through design. 

“Adopting a minimalist approach to your interior will allow your home’s architectural features to shine – perfect when selling your home to allow potential homebuyers to see the space available and easily envisage their own design choices,” she explained. 

“Decluttering your home by purchasing less new items is an easy way to create the illusion of a minimalist interior and can quickly transform forgotten or previously hidden elements, such as vases or ornaments, into statement, focal pieces.

“Where space is limited, we can traditionally gravitate towards lighter colours to maximise a room’s size. 

“However, post-pandemic, homeowners are being more daring in their design decisions, and smaller sized rooms are turning to the dark side.

“Although these darker shades naturally enclose the space, they will immediately draw attention to the window where light enters the room.

“Leaving the window wall a slightly lighter shade, even if your base colour remains dark, will fool the eye into experiencing the whole wall as a light source. 

“It will also keep your smaller room feeling spacious. 

“This clever trick with colour also works well if you’re looking to make your bedrooms feel larger,” Alysha said. 

“By painting your landing in a darker colour compared to the bedrooms, your sleeping environments will immediately feel light and airy.”

Redrow was established in 1974 and today is one of the most successful and acclaimed homebuilders in the country. 

Over Redrow’s history, spanning more than 45 years, it has earned a unique reputation for quality, building beautiful homes and creating a better way to live. 

Alysha Alli, who heads up Redrow’s in-house interior design team, has over nine years of industry experience working in the field of interior design. 

With a well-trained eye for well-crafted internal layouts, quality, craftsmanship, textiles and furnishings, Alysha continues to be recognised for her timeless style and designs that remain ahead of the trend. 

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