Apple Accused Of Intimidating Staff At World Trade Centre Store

Charges have been levied against iPhone-maker Apple Inc. (AAPL) by the Communications Workers of America or CWA of violating federal labour laws at its World Trade Center store in New York City.

The CWA on Wednesday evening alleged in an Unfair Labour Practice filing with the National Labor Relations Board that the company questioned and monitored the store employees, stopped them from posting union fliers and made them join mandatory anti-union speeches.

These charges come in the backdrop of company employees at several Apple stores around the country are taking steps to unionize, including those at New York’s Grand Central Station, Atlanta and Maryland. This union movement follows similar ones at Amazon and Starbucks.

Tim Dubnau, the CWA’s deputy organizing director, said in a release announcing the filing that “Apple retail workers across the country are demanding a voice on the job and a seat at the table. Unfortunately, and in contradiction to its stated values, Apple has responded like a typical American corporation with heavy-handed tactics designed to intimidate and coerce workers.”

A CWA spokesperson wasn’t immediately available to comment on whether the workers at the Apple World Trade Center store are trying to form a union or if they’re looking for representation from the CWA.

Earlier on Tuesday, the union had filed a separate charge against Apple, accusing the company of violating federal labour law by holding captive audience meetings at its Cumberland Mall store in Atlanta. Apple was not available to comment on these developments.

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