TV licence: Britons could get 50 percent discount on their bill – who is eligible?

BBC: Public share their views on TV licence fee

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Television licences are legally required for each household in Britain to watch or stream live programming as it is being broadcast. The document is also needed to view live content from streaming services, such as BBC i Player or Amazon Prime. Due to it being the UK’s public broadcaster, the BBC is charged with managing the administration of the TV licence fee, which helps pay for its programming.

However, the Government is responsible for setting out any discounts or concessions when it comes to the levy.

Those who are registered as legally blind, or live with someone who is blind, will be able to apply for the 50 percent discount on their television licence.

Currently, the cost of a TV licence in the UK is £159 for a colour licence and £53.50 for a black and white licence if someone were to pay full cost.

If the concession is applied, a television licence for a blind person would come to £79.50 for colour and £26.75 for a black and white TV licence.

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There are over two million people living and dealing with some form of sight loss, according to NHS statistics.

However, of this group, 360,000 are seen as legally blind or partially sighted by the public health provider.

To apply for the 50 percent discount, potential claimants will need to prove to the TV Licensing body that they are legally blind.

Among the considered qualifying documentation to prove this is either a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) or a BD8 Certificate.

Furthermore, a letter from an eye surgeon confirming someone’s blindness and a certificate from someone’s Local Authority would also count as proof to the assessor.

On the TV Licensing website, the authority outlined how the half-price discount is applied for recipients who live with someone who is blind and emphasised what partially sighted people are entitled to.

The organisation stated: “If you or someone you live with is blind (severely sight impaired), regardless of their age, you can apply for a blind concession.

“If you already have a TV Licence, but it isn’t in the name of the person who is blind, you’ll need to transfer the licence into their name.

“You can do this by making a first time blind application.

“You’ll just need to enter the existing TV Licence number for your address when you apply. If the blind (severely sight impaired) person is under 18, a different process will apply.

“People who are partially sighted (sight impaired) do not qualify for a 50 percent blind concession.”

To apply for the discount, licence holders will need to download and print out the corresponding form.

One this is done, they must complete the form and post documents that prove they are severely blind

The address these forms should be sent to is the following:

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