Apple WWDC 2022 event LIVE: Your iPhone is getting huge FREE upgrade today – plus a big surprise

APPLE fans are in for a treat: a huge free iPhone upgrade is being revealed TODAY.

The fruity tech titan is hosting one of its biggest events of the year in California: WWDC.

We’ve sent The Sun’s tech editor Sean Keach to find out what’s what.

The big news we can all get excited about will be the iOS 16 reveal. That’s the update that will dole out brand new features to your iPhone in September – alongside the iPhone 14.

We’ll also likely see new features coming to major Apple product lines like iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and more.

But that’s not all! It’s also rumored that we might catch an early glimpse of Apple’s metaverse ambitions.

Apple is said to be secretly working on a virtual reality headset to rival Facebook’s popular Meta Quest 2. The headset itself is slated for a 2023 release, but some experts have foretold of a gadget glimpse later today.

As always, we won’t know for sure until the event is over.

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  • Sean Keach


    We’re also very likely to hear about iPadOS 16.

    Apple’s iPads are now immensely powerful, with several models now running on Mac-grade M-series chips.

    So Apple is increasingly keen to offer as much productivity as possible on the iPad.

    Originally iPads used the exact same iOS as an iPhone.

    But those days are long gone, and the iPad is now more like a touch-screen Mac than ever before.

    Not everyone is convinced by the iPad as a laptop replacement, so expect Apple to announce plenty of features to try to sway these reluctant fans.

    There’s even talk of a Calculator app for iPad – a long time coming!

  • Sean Keach


    The headline news will all be around iOS 16.

    That’s great, because most recent iPhone models will get the new software as a free upgrade.

    So if you’ve had an iPhone for a few years, you’ll find plenty of joy today.

    We’re expecting revamps to key parts of the iPhone, including the Lock Screen and Notification Centre.

    There might also be widget-friendly wallpapers, a social network built into Messages, and some new Health features too.

    It’s not long until we find out!

  • Sean Keach


    The event is due to kick off at 10am local time in California.

    That means New Yorkers can tune in at 1pm on the East Coast.

    And in London, you’ll be watching at 6pm.

    We’d expect the event to run for about two hours, but maybe less.

  • Sean Keach


    Some of Apple’s events are quite short – but not WWDC.

    Apple tends to cover every product line…in significant detail.

    So if you’re a die-hard Apple fan, there’ll be plenty of news to chew over.

  • Sean Keach


    It's just after 8am here in California.

    Everything is quiet in San Jose, but Cupertino will now be coming alive as Apple HQ springs into action.

    We're just under two hours away from the big event.

    I ate some mango at breakfast – but there were no sign of any apples. Plenty of that to come I suppose…

  • Sean Keach


    Today’s event is taking place at the iconic (and very futuristic) Apple Park.

    It’s the corporate HQ of Apple, and opened in Cupertino, California in April 2017.

    The main building is nicknamed “the spaceship” because it’s a giant circular “groundscraper”.

    Late Apple founder Steve Jobs envisioned the campus to look like a nature refuge.

    And it really does: 80% of the site is green space, with lots of trees and even an orchard.

    Apple’s events typically take place at the Steve Jobs Theatre on the campus.

    The project is estimated to have cost at least $5billion, houses 12,000 staff, and has walls made of curved glass.

    And all of the interior wood was harvested from a single species of maple.

  • Sean Keach


    So what’s in store for today?

    Apple may be famously tight-lipped – but we already have a fairly good idea of what’s to come.

    That’s because Apple puts on a WWDC showcase every single year.

    It’s ultimately a developer conference, so Apple will spend a lot of time talking deep tech you might not care about.

    But in many ways, this is the Apple event you should care about.

    The September event usually gets all of the glory for its new iPhone.

    But how often do you actually buy a new iPhone? Probably not every single year.

    What you will be able to do however, is claim Apple’s free iPhone upgrade that we’ll see announced at WWDC.

    And the same is true for the software updates we’ll see across Apple’s entire range of products.

    So there’s plenty to look forward to from today, no matter which Apple gadgets you already own.

  • Sean Keach


    It’s a special day for Apple: this is the first “public” event the tech giant has hosted since the pandemic began.

    We won’t see anywhere close to the usual numbers of attendees, for obvious reasons.

    But select developers and media have been invited down to Apple Park in Cupertino, California.

    And I’m out here representing The Sun, where I’ll bring you all the latest from Apple’s keynote.

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