Inside Our Yorkshire Farm: A glimpse into Amanda Owen’s home in idyllic Yorkshire

James Martin discusses 'Our Yorkshire Farm' with Amanda Owen

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Amanda and her family live in Ravenseat Farm, located in Upper Swaledale, North Yorkshire. The shepherdess and her husband have recently purchased a new property close to Ravenseat, but while it undergoes renovation, the family remain at their original home. What is it like inside?

Channel Five’s Our Yorkshire Farm provides insight into a shepherdess and her family’s rural, unconventional life.

It also shows viewers glimpses of the magnificent Yorkshire countryside, as well as the exterior and interior of Ravenseat Farm.

Additionally, Amanda often takes to social media to share photos of the inside of her home, revealing the kitchen or the living room to fans.

Ravenseat, which is owned by billionaire Robert Miller, is a 2,000 acre working farm.

Amanda and Clive have lived in the property for more than 20 years and share the place with their nine children.

The easiest and best ways for fans to see what the inside of Ravenseat looks like is through Amanda’s Instagram.

The shepherdess recently posted photos of her living room, which featured a collection of brown leather sofas and a tiled floor.

Against one wall was a large fireplace, surrounded by wood and metal panelling.

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The room’s ceilings were low and the family’s washing hung from a line, dangling over the open fire.

In one photo, Amanda’s children were huddled on one of the sofas, watching TV together.

In the corner of the room, there was a window with a wide windowsill and long, faded pink curtains.

Amanda has also shared glimpses of her kitchen and dining room with her followers.

The kitchen featured light brown, wooden working tops and a wall made of stone.

The dining room had cream walls and doors with dark wooden frames.

In one photo, the dining table was set for a delicious dinner of succulent lamb, laid at the centre of a white tablecloth.

Both the table and the chairs were wooden.

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In another photo on Amanda’s Instagram, fans were able to see the house’s large front door.

Wellingtons were hidden near the door’s entrance, which was open and displaying a view of a driveway and a brick wall.

The Owen home also has a cloakroom near the front door where there is a radiator and hooks for coats.

As well as Ravenseat Farm, Amanda and Clive also own a couple of other farmhouses that they rent out to visitors.

These are the Shepherd’s Hut, which fits two people, or a six-bed farmhouse called The Firs.

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