Mum of three shares how she gets family grocery bill under £150 per month

TLC – America’s Cheapest Mother: Frugal mum's saving tips

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The 27-year-old feeds her family for less than £150 a month, while the average grocery bill for a family of five like hers is almost £800. However, Jordan Page’s savings methods were actually born out of turmoil shortly after her and her husband got married.

Mrs Page’s husband, Brandt Page, shared that when he first met her she was a bit of a cheapskate but not nearly as extreme as she is now. 

The family appeared on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, with Mr Page saying: “When I met Jordan she would always find a way to get a deal on something.”

Shortly after the pair got married, they thought they would be moving into their dream home. 

Mrs Page explained: “Shortly after we were married an opportunity arose for us to build what we thought would be our forever home. 

“Things changed with the economy really fast and suddenly we couldn’t qualify for the loan for the house.”

Mr Page added: “Losing the house really triggered in my opinion her being an extreme cheapskate.”

Mrs Page calls herself “the ultimate cheapskate housewife” and admits that her three children are following in her footsteps. 

She said: “My kids are total cheapskates, they know we don’t waste anything. You eat every bite of food on your plate, pick up every penny you see. It’s about not wasting anything and we call that rationing.”

This ‘rationing’ involves going to neighbours, dashboard cookies and limiting the amount of toilet paper that can be used everyday. 

She admitted: “People a lot of times think some of my methods are a little extreme. They think I’m a little crazy but I don’t know if I care because it works.”

By limiting the amount of toilet paper available to each person in the household, she has been able to cut the family toilet paper usage from 300 rolls a year to 40. 

Mrs Page also goes to neighbours asking if they have any food that is about to expire or leftovers they do not plan on eating. 

She also avoids any unnecessary energy usage by baking on her cars’ dashboard.

She said: “I bake cookies without using any power and it doesn’t make your house hot.”

Essentially, Mrs Page puts the cookie dough on a baking tray and places it on the dashboard of her car which is in the sun. 

The temperature inside the closed car can reach around 71 degrees, and bakes the cookies in around two hours. 

Ultimately, these methods, although peculiar, have cut the family grocery bill down to just $180 (£147) per month. 

Her newest money saving scheme involved turning the family backyard into a farm. 

She pitched the idea to her husband on the show saying: “There’s a new trend with backyard farming, I think we have plenty of space in the back and it’s fenced. We could raise a pig and get a ton of pork out of it. You can pay upwards of $3.50 (£2.88) per dozen for eggs but you pay $10 (£8.23) for a chicken, six chickens later you’re getting a half dozen eggs a day. That’s incredible, that’s great savings. Our neighbours might think we’re crazy but we can prove them wrong. 

“The research I’ve done has shown that you can raise your own animals for a fraction of the cost as it would be to buy an organic package of meat or eggs or milk at the grocery store. 

“We go through a lot of milk and this goat is going to give us $12 (£9.88) worth of milk a day. That’s awesome.

“The numbers add up and there’s something to be said for saving that much money.”

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