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IT'S NOT every day that a state senator goes viral on TikTok for twerking.

However, that is precisely what Rhode Island's Democratic representative for District 6, Senator Tiara Mack did on July 4, 2022.

Why is Tiara Mack trending on Tiktok?

The state senator from Rhode Island took a rather unconventional approach to get traffic to her TikTok page, with a video of her in a bikini on the beach twerking while in a headstand.

After showing off her moves, the Brown University graduate looked into the camera and said, "Vote Senator Mack!"

The video caption read, "promised senator thirst trap at Block Island," with a smiling devil face emoji.

As with any controversial video posted to TikTok, the comments section has gone wild.


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Users from all over Rhode Island, and the rest of the world, have come to her profile to comment on the first-ever black, openly LGBTQ state senator's twerking.

Senator Mack has 8,880 followers on TikTok, under her username mackdistrict6.

What have the comments said about Tiara Mack's twerking video?

There have been comments filled with support, rage, and confusion.

Some of the comments were harsh enough to cause Senator Mack to respond via video.

A user named Mile Hi Meat Co commented, "Say what you will about repub/dem supporting this content or not. This will simply not get you elected"



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Mack responded to this in a video with a screenshot of the person's comment overlaying her response.

Mack responded by correcting the person and doubling down on her video.

"I believe the word that you meant to use was 're-elected,'" she said. "And it probably will because my constituents freakin' love that I'm a real person and I'm fun, and you know, not a robot."

However, for as much criticism as she received for her twerking video, Sen. Mack also received tons of love.

Countless users from out of state commented that they wished they lived in Rhode Island so that they could vote for her.

Other users, like Letisya Isler, commented their support from across the aisle.

"I’m Republican and I loved her video. She’s having fun and we need more young senators that are ACTUAL people and not robots. She’s a queen," Isler wrote.

User Cris-No-H said in a later comment, "I love that you didn’t take it down! I live in GA, but just donated to your reelection campaign!"

What other content does Tiara Mack share on her TikTok?

Sen. Mack has only been on TikTok since June 27, 2022, but so far, she's shared tons of resources and information for individuals looking to get involved, especially with hot topic issues, especially abortion rights.

For example, she posted a video following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade titled "Should you donate to an abortion fund or a politician?"

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As the former Youth Organizing Specialist for Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, she's bound to continue posting resources for abortion rights.

She also shares information about Rhode Island politics, such as a video answering the question, "How do you get on the ballot in Rhode Island?", encouraging others in her state and other local governments to run for official positions.

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