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LET’S face it, the main reasons we are annoyed cars are going electric is because of the small range and charging problems.

If Ford can make an electric car that goes 500 miles and charges in ten minutes, no one is going to be scratching their head and saying they miss that 1-litre EcoBoost they used to drive in 2017.

So when you think about it, there’s only a small number of brands who have everything to lose by electrification.

Those who trade on the spectacular noise of their engines.

I’m talking Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin and, in the case of the 911, Porsche.

Let’s consider Lambo, seeing as though there’s one in the corner of your eye right now.

Take a screaming V10 or V12 out of a Lambo and you’re going to kill a third of its appeal.

A Lambo will always have cartoonish looks no matter what powers it. That’s one-third.

We all know electrons can make super sports cars go even faster. That’s two.

But what electrification can’t do is replace the sound, feeling or vibration of a high-performance engine nestled behind your lugholes. Which is the third and tastiest slice of the pie.

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The gaffer at Lambo summed it up when I chatted to him the other day.

Stephan Winkelmann said: “We have to find a way of changing everything without changing anything.

“It would be foolish to copy the sound of an engine into an electric car. It would be fake.

"And it’s not something we want to do.”

Which is why the Huracan Tecnica is all the more special.

By the end of the year, this brand-new car will become a museum item as one of the last raw V10s.


Ultra rare Lamborghini inspired by a FIGHTER JET for sale at eye-watering price

The devil is in the detail and Lamborghini Huracan STOhas lots of detail

Lambo will roll out its first plug-in hybrid next year and, from 2024, the entire range will be hybrid. The first pure electric Lambo is coming in 2028.

Tecnica is technically the best Huracan of the lot – the sweet spot between lifestyle and maximum-attack models – and is priced accordingly at £212,000.

It cherry-picks the best bits from the best models over the last eight years.

It has the comfort and connectivity of an EVO. The playfulness of an EVO RWD (rear-wheel drive). The race car engine from an STO. All 640 horses. And still looks just as dramatic.

But what I like most about this car is how it makes you feel. Which is absolute joy.

When you’re at ten-tenths, the car is maybe at seven-tenths, if you know what I mean. It has so much more to give.

Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica

Price: £212,000

Engine: 5.2-litre naturally aspirated V10

Power: 640hp, 565Nm

0-62mph: 3.2 secs

0-100mph: 9.1 secs

Top speed: 202mph

Economy: 18mpg

And I’m not talking about straight-line speed here, I’m talking about lateral grip, the way it carves through corners at silly miles per hour.

All four wheels steer. It is beautifully balanced. Grip is mega. It changes direction almost by the power of thought alone.

Yet exit the race track and it’s as easy to drive as that Ford 1-litre EcoBoost. Just lower. And there’s no room for kids in the back.

You want numbers? Check the ‘Key Facts’ – but it’s quick.

I do have one more thing to share.

The last Huracan will be revealed in December, just in time for the billionaires’ Christmas stockings.

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Unlike the Aventador Ultimae, which was a stripped-out, power-hiked final edition, the Huracan’s last hurrah will be weaponised for off-road adventures.

Raised ride height, chunky tyres, reinforced underbelly, that sort of thing.

That is supposed to be a secret but when I suggested to Winkelmann that Lambo should do something left-field, something rally, he replied: “I follow your thoughts.”

Excellent. And make it loud.

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